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 Post subject: The Underverse 2.25 Avail Christmas 2010
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:38 pm 
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The UnderVerse 2.25 The Search for Riddick (Christmas 2010)

As always...NO player wipes!

Thanks again to [RIP]Shark & company who keep the server running and funded! We appreciate the donations from our players!

Additions since the 2.24 release:

Commodity jettisoning is now improved.
New voices for the new bases by Soupman
Font sizes have been returned to normal
Some new npcs have been added to various bars
New music by [(V\ET]Fathom for Wyno's Vineyards
The Ragnarok has been resized to an Ultra by Fusion
New billboards for the new bases by Fusion and Soupman
Several rules have been adjusted and the list shortened
Fusion also tweaked the sur files on half a dozen ships
New music by Gallows for Wyno's Battleship in Canis Major
Seven new Descent ships (ported by Fusion) have been added
Hold sizes have been increased on a few of the Battleships
Thanks to Gray Mouser for pointing out some infocard errors
New loadscreen by Christoph Gerber, lettering by [RIP]Soupman
A new long range trade run has been added with new commodities
The Jump Gate tunnel animation has been enlarged and re-colored
Trade range has been extended from 1500m to 5000m, thanks to adoxa
Your FLAC bank can hold $ 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 for each account
More goodies have been added to Svarga if you pay for a Special ship
A few new sounds here and there, thanks to Bobby for cleaning them up
A 'Current Wealth' indicator now exists in Multiplayer,thanks to adoxa
Thanks to Goultek for mass conversions of a lot of our stuff to French
Ability to set your own custom join messages, /setjoinmessage <message>
Player looting has now been activated for our medium and large freighters
Exclusion zones for Ghost Lanes have been added for the major trade routes
Thanks to Gray Mouser for mass conversions of a lot of our stuff to German
Players can type a command to see when the next reboot is scheduled, /uptime
New bases: Wyno's Battleship, Fathom's Keep, Bobby's Basement, Fire~Ants Hill
The Fame or Shame system has been changed from 3D to 2D and the sun moved away
Menu colors returned to normal, new menu colors available as separate downloads
Twenty new 3dbs made by Rob2 from ships to commodities (and a few surprise goodies)
The F1 fine has been turned on. 20 mil per violation automatically deducted by FLAC
Thanks to Fusion, all of our ships now have properly ejecting mines and countermeasures
Jumpgates in Callisto and British Isles moved slightly inwards so they show on the NAVmap
Thanks to Adoxa for the hex edit values and to [RIP]d3jake for helping me with the hex edits
The Soul Train Freighter has been added to Planet Usher in Haunted Isles so Pirates can buy it
Thanks to Adoxa our four Destructible Bases now show in the left Hud Solars for easy selection
The Destructible Battleship Bases in the 'Fame or Shame' system have been upgraded immensely, beware!
More cheap items removed from loot drops to ease the selling task and reduce debris in killing fields
The 5km rule and 10 second rule have been removed (undocking invulnerability has now been set to 7 seconds)
Grendel has added a new exe hack by M0tah which balances the damage done to Cap ships by missiles and torpedos
Clans that have purchased Clan systems now have custom player names for the dealers on all owned bases and planets
Tradelane disruption offline time adjusted from 30 seconds to 5 seconds to make the Gauntlet Run event more interesting
The Chat history now contains 127 lines vs 38. Thanks to M0tah for the hex edit number and AlphaDog for bringing it up
The Chat input box now contains 127 character vs 80. Thanks to M0tah for the hex edit number and AlphaDog for bringing it up
Thanks to Bobby all of our bases now have news! He started to a thread to allow others to write some of them as well. Thanks to all!
Pirates will be set green to the Lost Legion npc, so they have been beefed up in Haunted Isles and added to Planet Collinwood in Dark Shadows
Thanks to the following players who supplied news items! Bobby, AlphaDog, Daekash, Peacekeeper, Gray Mouser, Fathom, Suzanna, St4rB|4st3r, Oddjob
Soupman has provided the voice for the Bartenders and Male Bar Patrons, nice work! So we have 830 more wav files bringing our total to over 4,400
Three Quests have been added. The prize for completing all three is very nice. See the ~GateKeeper~ to get started. This is not an easy series of quests, we predict it will be months before anyone finishes them all.
Pirates will be allowed into the server with an [X] tag. They will be rep'ed red to all Faction players and their npcs. Anyone acting like a pirate without the tag will be caught, hung by their yellow toenails over a pit of Hellhounds for a fortnight, then rep'ed by Soupman. Ask before you tag up. Repeat...ask Soupman before you put on [X] tags!
The Ranks have been adjusted. The maximum rank was 90, now you can go to rank 100 (net worth of about $2 billion). A net worth of $1 billion puts you at rank 50 now (not 89, so don't freak out!). The ranks below 50 have been graduated differently. A new player will now show as rank 1. Once they get their $5 million for the manual they will show as rank 5. They are fair game to shoot at now at rank 10.

Kudos to Soupman for hours each night updating clan reps and tags
and to the admins putting in many hours at the front door:
King Kong
and ~Regulator~Frumpy!

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 Post subject: Re: The Underverse 2.25 Avail Christmas 2010
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:23 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: The Underverse 2.25 Avail Christmas 2010
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:42 pm 
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