2.25 New Bartender And Mission Char voices
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Author:  Soupman [ Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  2.25 New Bartender And Mission Char voices

Since We went public with the Mod we have been working on replacing all of the ingame Voices with ones created by us using TTS software and Human voices .. with the release of 2.25 we have replaced all of the original voices Except for Trent...

Trent doesnt say anything server specific like commodities Factions base names things like that so were keeping him ... even though we did rename him to Johns :) This has never been done in a freelancer Mod before .. why ?

because its a Huge ordeal .. it has taken over 8000 files and many more corrections to get the ingame Synch to be watchable ... Dwn and i have been working on these since the start so its taken a few years to get to this point .. but it gives us the bragging rights of being the first freelancer mod to ever get it done ... all chars in our Mod now speak our Ship names ,, commodities,, faction names and so on .. there are no more vanilla refrences left spoken in the mod.

Here a Few Teaser vids of the New Bar Voices ,,, yup thats Me playing the part

And Since ingame chars are allowed to say what they like .. i took advantage


2.25 will be avail tommorow christmas day from our website ... see you on the other side

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