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Author:  Soupman [ Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Flaming


■Flaming: The act of sending or posting electronic messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting,
■Flamebait: A message posted in a forum or group with the intent to provoke an angry response, hence the word "bait"
■Flame Wars: Series of flaming electronic messages in email, forums, etc.

Question: What Is 'Flaming'?
Answer: 'Flaming', or 'to flame', means to attack someone verbally online. Flaming entails insults, bigotry, name-calling, or any outright hostility directed at a specific person. Often, flaming is the result of a heated difference of opinions on a topic, and it has devolved into childish bickering.

There are cases where someone is a repeat flamer: he/she insists on regularly attacking others as a daily habit. If so, we then call that person an Internet troll.

I have seen some of the Ugliest online Behaviour in the past week or so around the web.. Why its allowed anywhere is beyond me.

So i am posting this as a reminder that it wont be tolerated here.

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