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 Post subject: Re: Lag Issues with Low Ping
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:27 am 

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IMHO, I think it should be that after 30 minutes idle on a base that, that person should be kicked. I have chars on a server with that in service and it works just fine. I've been kicked 3 times for being called away in an emergency twice & once by distractions in RL. No harm no foul. Base idling prevents another from getting missions, or so it was told to me. There is no profit in doing nothing on a base. As they told Trent when he finished his missions for the Order "Get A Job" :roll: :lol:

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 Post subject: Re: Lag Issues with Low Ping
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:33 pm 
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Getting kicked for Base Idling is mainly used on servers that have a high player base and players are idling to prevent players from logging on. Say a server has a player limit to 80 players yet, their player base is much higher even though it normally has around 60 players on it. The weekend comes and more want to play on the server but, they can't log in and come to find out, 10 of those players on the server are base idling so, kicking them would only be to prevent that from happening. However, it is a fact that when someone is Base Idling on a planet or, w/e, missions are hard to come by if, you get one at all.

As for myself, on many occasions, depending on the system and rep, fly off to a corner somewhere and idle in space, not having to worry about anyone finding me or, NPC's messing with me.

I've also seen that, if a players ship is idling in space and hasn't moved and Hostile NPC's run up on it, they may or, may not attack it. They may shoot at it but, their AI has them flying around so crazy like, that, they will not seriously do that much damage to begin with until, you move it. Then, they attack it as a live ship. This deals mainly in Vanilla type situations. Wouldn't want to do that on the UV in any situation. :lol: It would also be wise not to have any cargo if you're going to let it idle in space for very long. Those NPC' seem to know who has and who hasn't any loot on board. :)

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