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 Post subject: Interview with Predator & Wicked Witch, From the WTS Mod *
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:24 am 
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[align=center]Welcome to another addition to! As Freelancer ages, and us too, we thought it was time to start honoring those who have helped to make this such an enjoyable adventure. From tool makers to coders to mod builders to board admins, welcome to the ' Interviews'!

I have gathered most emails for these prominent members of our community and have sent out many of them (but not all). If you think you deserve an interview, feel free to email me [email protected]. You may also nominate someone for an interview, please give me their email.

Interviews will be posted in the order I get them back and will be showcased for at least one week. All interviews will be archived in our forums for prosperity.


Hello Predator, what other names have you been known by in the Freelancer Community?
Only Predator and my wife Wicked-Witch

What part of the world do you live in?
Netherlands (Eindhoven)

How old are you?
49 /ww is 42

How many years have you played Freelancer?
4 years/ww 2 years(infected by me lol)

Have you released or helped to build a mod? Please describe it.
We helped to test new mods to find bugs/and building on the mod.
WW is learning it a little bit.

Have you written a tutorial? Please tell us about it.

Have you created any tools for the community to use? What does it do?

Have you ever been an Admin of a mod community or website?
We are the server owner's from the WTS WORLD CCN and we host the website and the forum
WW does the most on the server side,i do only my things in the weekend(work).
In the past we where admin.

Okay, let's get to the meat and potatoes! How and when did you first get involved in the wonderful game of Freelancer?
My nephew infected me with the game,then i play on a few servers.I'm playing around 3 years the wts mod.

What aspects of Freelancer are you most interested in?
Flying with ships that come from a movie, like starwars and babylon.
For WW the total game, she love every aspect of the game.

What groups / clans have you been affiliated with?
I have a clan called CFH (Cowboys from Hell)and we have also a few names in the game that nobody knows(also for cheaters)
for WW the same.
WTS has a special ladyclan. WW is the leader of the SoO (Sirens of Omega)

List your accomplishments and projects you have participated in.
Only building/testing on the WTS mod

List any awards, offices or positions you have held.

How has the Freelancer scene changed since you started playing?
In the begining all is new,you play as normal player. Than you go higher, you become an admin. Than you become a server owner.
And in all these stages you look diffrent to the players. That's the part in our community for the WTS.
If i look to all the community's, than i think it's changed to.
We all work hard to keep Freelancer alive. The most sites are linked to eachother. That makes a community stronger.

Are you currently active on any servers?

What mod really stands out in your mind?
mmm same awnser WTS WORLD CCN mod

What do you find most interesting about Freelancer...the single player aspect, clan wars, being a pirate, a cop, vanilla servers, hugely modded, Star wars, what?
The roleplaypart. You can play the good guy, the bad guy all what you want.
For WW it's the same. She likes to shoot and kill. She always say: It's a shooting game, not a marble game.

What will be your role in Freelancer in the coming years?
We hope that we stay server owners so long as possible.

Describe in detail any memorable Freelancer experiences.
the thing we like = that we are playing on a roleplay server,and when you shoot somebody they start to cry,don't shoot me pls or they are angry on you.
In the beginning when WW start to play, she don't understand much from the game. Only thing she was doing was trading. At one day, somebody begin to shoot at here. And she yell: Don't shoot don't shoot, i'm only trading. And she didn't know who shoot, so on who she must shoot. So she ask here son to help. And he looked and start laughing really hard. Maaaaaam, that are NPC's. Kind of robots you must kill.
She never forget that moment.

Why do you spend countless hours building mods, making tools, answering questions or writing tutorials?
Becouse we love the game Freelancer

What other games do you regularly play?
For me only Freelancer for ww puzzle pirates

Do you have any hobbies other than games?
For me working on my truck for WW everything that has to do with computers.

Is there anything new coming up in the future for you?
We hope soon our new mod

How do you view the future of Freelancer?
Diffecult to say,becouse the global server is offline,for people it is diffecult to find a good mod to play.
i hope it have a long life becouse it is a very good game.I think it is the best space shooting game ever
but we have heard some rumors that there mayby a next version from Freelancer comes. Hope it's true.

Can you recommend any others in the community for an interview?
If it may also players who can be intervieuwed, maybe WW can put it on the forum from us.

Are there any last things you would like to add?
We wanna thank our very GREAT admin team,without these guy's we can't run the server good.
And we wanna thank all the players. Without them it make no sence to have a server.

Thank you for the interview! It is the contribution of folks like you that help to keep the game and the community alive!

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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:30 pm 
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Maaaaaam, that are NPC's. Kind of robots you must kill.

Hehe, that is a classic! :P


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 Post Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 4:59 am 
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DwnUndr wrote:
Maaaaaam, that are NPC's. Kind of robots you must kill.

Hehe, that is a classic! :P

What a relieve. That moment i feel so stupid ;)
But it's something you don't forget :oops:

Nice idea with the intervieuws :D


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