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 Post subject: Interview with Universe, the founder of the FLU server *
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:34 pm 
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Hello Universe, what other names have you been known by in the Freelancer Community?

Well I was first known as Mr.Q and was fighting the Lord Clan, later I became even a Lord Member and changed my name to Lord Q, I think that is the name most older Freelancers remember me.

What part of the world do you live in?

Born and raised in Germany beneath the Black Forest

How old are you?

Please don´t ask :wink:

How many years have you played Freelancer?

Started playing Freelancer in 2002... gee, time is running !2003 Lord Clan was looking for a new Server because they have had lots of troubles on their old home server, that was about the time I started to run a server myself, called it „Lord Server“, but for some reasons many peeps disliked the Lords and gave me a hard time running the server, I then decided to call it „Freelancer Universe“.

I have had some help of my CoAdmin „Sirius“ , I believe he´s linked with your „Community Alliance Program“ at this time. Sirius has done a great job at first, inviting peeps to FLU and made them stay, the population of FLU was growing rapidly. My admin character on FLU was „Universe“ but I still was playing as „Lord~Q“, it was kept secret, only few peeps knew about it. To this time I met Robocop former GL_Kyp_Durron, he was one of the best guys I met during my Freelancer carreer and it didn´t take long for him to become an Admin on FLU. 2004 ...

Due to Real Life and the Birth of my daughter I barely found time to play Freelancer, still running the server, still paying the bills, still having no time, I decided to close FLU. Thanks to „Firewall“ (one of my coAdmins“) and Robocop who have offered to continue, FLU is still alive. That was by end of 2004, now is 2009 and FLU still exists and looking at the global rankings it still seems to be a very popular Server. Robo... you have done a great job, Congrats!

Have you released or helped to build a mod? Please describe it.

No, I can´t mod at all, I like the current mod of FLU and I loved the mod on Bobways, don´t remember the name of the mod though

Have you written a tutorial? Please tell us about it.

All I wrote were the rules of FLU: No Cheating, No Modding, No Swearing

Have you created any tools for the community to use? What does it do?

I´m running and created the current website of FLU,

Have you ever been an Admin of a mod community or website?

I have only been with FLU, nothing else

Okay, let's get to the meat and potatoes! How and when did you first get involved in the wonderful game of Freelancer?

It was coincidence. Looking for a game to play in 2002 I found Freelancer and got stuck

What aspects of Freelancer are you most interested in?

I always liked the dogfights. Playing the mod on „Bobway“ (still don´t remember the name) I was doing pretty well, I think. Only few peeps were better. On FLU (Vanilla) I was a bit better than average I think.

What groups / clans have you been affiliated with?

I always was with the Lord~Clan

List your accomplishments and projects you have participated in.

Due to Real Life Business and a big lack of time I´m not really part of anything. Running FLU’s website still makes me feel being a part of FLU, even most of the current members don´t remember me.

List any awards, offices or positions you have held.

Hm... can´t remember, I´m just an average guy, I think

How has the Freelancer scene changed since you started playing?

Can´t really say, I was forced to stop playing FL 2004/2005, I´m barely flying on FLU, Robo reactivates my account by request when I find a little time, but it´s always feeling good to meet some fellow freelancers of the old days.

Are you currently active on any servers?


What mod really stands out in your mind?

As I mentioned before, I´m a big fan of the „I don´t remember the name“ mod J

What do you find most interesting about Freelancer...the single player aspect, clan wars, being a pirate, a cop, vanilla servers, hugely modded, Star wars, what?

Single Player I found very boring, my FL career started by logging to server for the first time, I loved being a pirate at first, became a member of the Lord~Clan, and I loved Clan Wars.... seems I´m a bad guy

What will be your role in Freelancer in the coming years?

There will be nothing then running the FLU website for me, I think

Describe in detail any memorable Freelancer experiences.

I was feeling proud flying a starflier in one go from Manhattan to Freeport9

What other games do you regularly play?

FL was the only Multiplayer Game I have ever played, I believe to remember trying Counterstrike but not for long

Do you have any hobbies other than games?

I love playing guitar, classic and electric, I recently bought me a „Paula“, a Gibson Classic for lots of money and shame on me, I don´t find time to play

Is there anything new coming up in the future for you?

Still looking to make money without any work

How do you view the future of Freelancer?

Freelancer was called dead even years ago, but still exists due to a big fan community, Guys like Robocop will keep FL alive

Can you recommend any others in the community for an interview?

Robo already had his interview

Are there any last things you would like to add?

I want to thank you for the opportunity having this interview

Thank you for the interview! It is the contribution of folks like you that help to keep the game and the community alive!

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Nods to Uni, good to see you acknowledged.


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