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 Post subject: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:00 pm 
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by DwnUndr Dec 2008


This is a guide to adding complete voices to Total Conversion mods.
Don't fret, it IS very complicated, but I have reduced all of my research to some easy-to-read formats. A huge mod like the UnderVerse is very daunting to attack, but if you only have a few new systems and factions it is a simpler matter.

The wav files themselves will have to be created by you, either with a microphone or a text to speech program. There are two particulars to the entry is recorded in each type of file and how the wav is named. There are also two methods to pack the new wav into a utf file. There are even two methods beyond that (overwrite old or make new). This involves more work, prod me if I forget to include this info later...

See my other voice tutorials for more in-depth info, but this one will remain 'simpler'. (insert Tales from the Crypt soundtrack here, heh).

Please see other tutorials for sound file formats etc, trying to keep this simple.

Even after saying all that, the scope of this is huge. It took me a long, long time to wrap my head around it all. Hopefully I can touch on this in an orderly manner and not lose you.


Preliminary 1: text entries. These are covered under tutorials by others on the old TLR site. Specifically, these refer to the entries in initialworld.ini and which dll they should be placed in. But remember, this tutorial is supposed to be simpler so I only mention it here. This is about the voices, not the text. If people ask, I will expand those old tutorials with new ones (as soon as I invent a time machine).

Preliminary 2: Utilities used.


Preliminary 3:

How to make it simpler than DA did it? First, don't make 29 different pilots, 3 different docking characters and 15 different bar characters, heh. For the first release of the UnderVerse, Soupman and I made one docking character and two pilots (one male and one female). We also made a new Misson Commission dude. It took several thousand unique wav files to do it THAT simple! Do it simple first, expand if people play the mod, then get fancy later. Here is my recommendation:

a) Docking character...We picked a female voice here (since we only found one female text-to-voice program and there are no female base dealers). I shied away from all robot voices, they didn't fit in the UnderVerse. Here are the 3 docking characters you can use:

atc_leg_f01 (female)
atc_leg_f01a (female robot)
atc_leg_m01 (male)

BTW, atc means air traffic controller.

b) People in the bar to talk to....These are the ones you can get rumors and missions from. We are going to save doing one of these for a future release since these range from 167 to 458 files. Their utf files are names like this:

rvp101.utf etc...

I call the rvp 'random vendor people'. They will say things like "We don't run this place, but we have an understanding with the people that do" etc. This is one of the hardest to decipher since most of their entries have bizarre coding. For instance, GCS_ML_A04aG01 says "...waste any time in hunting down people who crossed them". Another part of an internal string. To create a single one of these rvp's means making 457 entries in vanilla. Adding just a few new ones is easier, but a total conversion could be more.

c) Ships you encounter in space...Both male and female (did you know that the GC, the Golden Chrysanthemums, were ALL female!). These all start with pilot_ . See another tutorial by me for detailed descriptions of these, some are never used, one is too bizarre, heh. Pick one from my list of used ones and edit it.

Preliminary 4:

The wav files and the ini entries are just part of the picture. Hidden deep inside the exe are the strings, I don't know anyone who has found them yet, but you can hear them by observation. For instance, the single-player string (sadly, not usable in multiplayer yet) "Freelancer Alpha 1 dash 1, you are clear to launch" internally calls 6 different wav files. Maybe someday a smart fella can find and manipulate these strings, but until then we just have to notice them and make new files appropriately. For instance, if you don't want to use "Freelancer" in your universe, change the wav to "Citizen" or something. A similiar string is used in multiplayer, when they say something like "Attacking Freelancer Alpha 1 dash 1".

Preliminary 5:

You can create whole new pilot utf files. This not only preserves the vanilla entries if your mod has vanilla systems but gives you unique new voice types which are much easier to edit.

I'm setting a chapter system, hopefully I keep to it, heh. They will be:

New systems
New bases
New factions
New commodities
New ships
New guns etc...

Each of these is defined in a certain location, called in a certain way, named in a certain way and recorded in a certain string. Discovering these differences and implimenting them properly will create a smooth in-game conversation.

Scared yet? You will will be....... ;)


******New systems*******


pull these entries from universe.ini like:

nickname = Li01
file = Systems\Li01\Li01.ini
pos = 7, 8
msg_id_prefix = gcs_refer_system_Li01
visit = 1
strid_name = 196609
ids_info = 66106

This entry: "gcs_refer_system_Li01" is what you want. If you used FLExplorer and named your new system as you placed it, this entry will already show your new system. If you edited by hand, name it to fit.

This wav is used by npc ships that you find at gates and holes. You will overhear them talking to each other stating where they are came from or where they are headed. Something like "Looks like we aren't the only ones heading to the California system". The only voices that use them are the "pilot_" entries such as pilot_f_ill_m01.utf which is found in the data\audio folder.

Here is the entry inside the utf file:

gcs_refer_system_Li01- 0xB08D7FCF <> 2962063311

The first thing to note is that you NEED to add a dash at the end. Truthfully, I didn't test it without the dash, but I always followed the format of DA.

So, gcs_refer_system_Li01

The next step is to create your wav file (microphone or text-to-speech program). Then you need to know how to name it. There are two methods, the first is to use CRCTool to find the code, then add 0x in front of it. The second is to use Lancer Solurus' utility which adds the 0x automatically. Visit and search for the DB_Hash_CRC_Calc utility. Use the unsigned hash entry.

Using the latter and plugging in the above (with a dash) gives:

gcs_refer_system_Li01- = 0xB08D7FCF

to confirm this, rip apart the pilot_f_ill_m01.utf (with UTFXML.exe) and inside you will find a file named 0xB08D7FCF_01FE9B82.wav. Play that wav and you will hear "the New York system". So, this is how you should record your new wav (as 0xB08D7FCF.wav , don't worry about the extension).

Summary of New Systems:
defined in universe.ini
named with a dash at the end before you calculate the hash code
recorded as 'the <new name> system'
typed into voices_space_male.ini (for male voices, use the appropriate one for your use)
packed into the pilot_ utf files.

If you have absorbed that, lets do a short interlude. You can review other voice tutorials by me, but I will include a quick description of the available ini files here:


Ignoring the singleplayer missions, there are 5 ini files that you will be typing these new wavs into.

voices_base_female.ini............rvp003, 501, 511, 516, 541, 546
voices_base_male.ini..............rvp101, 106, 111, 121, 126, 131, 140, 146, 151

voices_space_female.ini...........atc_leg_f01, atc_leg_f01a, female pilot_
voices_space_male.ini.............atc_leg_m01, mc_leg_m01 (mission commission), male pilot_

voices_recognizable.ini...........nnvoice, trent_voice

Inside each of these ini files are headers for the appropriate voice, be sure to get yours in the right place.



******New bases*******


To be continued, the UnderVerse Beta 2 is underway, getting me if I don't continue this...


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 Post Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:23 am 
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Ah, before I forget, there is more you have to do than just pack your new wav files into the utf files. You also need to set the durations. See the downloadable pic at the bottom of this post, I am partway through verifying Soupmans wav files. Note that I made a working directory and copied all the files there. As I listen to each one I delete it from the working directory. This way the top file in the working folder and the soundrecorder are always synched. I use this built-into XP program because it gives me the duration and also allows for quick format conversions and increase/decrease of volume.

Once these wavs are verified and the durations written down, open the appropriate ini, create entries for your new wavs and set the duration. Now your sound will play in full and not get chopped.

The small first picture is taken from when I added new systems and shows the durations. Underneath that is the download link for the bigger picture (not shown here).

voiceadd4.jpg [ 33.94 KiB | Viewed 23355 times ]
voiceadd3.jpg [244.85 KiB]
Downloaded 7 times

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:41 pm 

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I'm currently looking to create a new .utf file for a pilot voice. The problem is that I cannot find how to link this new .utf into the game. I've searched for how the king.utf or juni.utf is hooked up to the voices, but I cannot find which file the FL engine looks into to get to the repository of voices.

How do I create a new .utf entry for a custom voice?

Thanks fellas.

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:43 pm 
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Freelancer.ini has the paths like so:

solar = SOLAR\solararch.ini
universe = UNIVERSE\universe.ini
constants = constants.ini
fonts = FONTS\fonts.ini
rich_fonts = FONTS\rich_fonts.ini
sounds = AUDIO\ambience_sounds.ini
sounds = AUDIO\sounds.ini
sounds = AUDIO\engine_sounds.ini
sounds = AUDIO\interface_sounds.ini
sounds = AUDIO\music.ini
sounds = AUDIO\story_sounds.ini
sounds = AUDIO\gf_sounds.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_space_male.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_space_female.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_base_male.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_base_female.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_recognizable.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission01.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission02.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission03.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission04.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission05.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission06.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission07.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission08.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission09.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission10.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission11.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission12.ini
voices = AUDIO\voices_mission13.ini
explosions = FX\explosions.ini

But you have no need to change that. Lets say you want to create a new male pilot. You can do it two ways.

1) Overwrite an existing pilot
2) Create an all new one

The second one can also be done two ways
1) Add new info to an existing ini and utf
2) Create an all new one

So you want pilot John. Open voices_space_male.ini and add or overwrite your new entries. For the UnderVerse, I overwrote pilot_f_mil_m01 but you can make new entries at the bottom of the file if you wish (called it pilot_john if you wish). Then pack your new wavs into the pilot_f_mil_m01.utf or make a pilot_john.utf.


 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:02 pm 

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So, there is never a direct link to a .utf file? The FL engine reads it by nickname?

What I mean is that in those .ini you listed it always links to pilot_f_mil_m01 not pilot_f_mil_m01.utf. Since I'm working on scripted missions, I attempted to use the voices_mission_01.ini with a new UTF. No matter what I did, i couldn't get the voice clips to play. I then added the clips to an existing .utf with proper CRC and it played without a problem. So, I was wondering if there was another link for these .utf files somewhere.

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:58 pm 
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Ah, you are doing story voices. Have you tried story_sounds.ini? They have paths to individual wav files rather than building a utf, might be easier for you?


 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:24 am 

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DwnUndr wrote:
Ah, you are doing story voices. Have you tried story_sounds.ini? They have paths to individual wav files rather than building a utf, might be easier for you?

Story sounds seem to only work for .thns scenes not in space ones, for whatever reason.

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:00 pm 
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AFAIK, all the utf files are referenced from inside the five built-in ini files and no where else. Unless it is hardcoded in the exe, you should be able to simply add a new reference in one of them and it will point to your new utf. Of course, something like NNvoice has to be hardcoded, so it is possible the others are as well and new entries may not be possible. This is why I overwrote mine. Don't mess with nature lol.


 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2023 7:29 am 

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I ran into a problem with some voice stuff and thought I best ask someone with more experience with this stuff.
I had custom voices in my mod for years but mostly covered the stuff that is said in space.
Now I created a few thousand new voice samples for bars exclusively and specifically faction samples refuse to play in game.

are used for the "I work *for faction*" or "Faction doesnt" lines used when talking to normal bar NPCs.

I created such entries voices_base_male.ini and voices_base_female.ini.... even took care that the female variant uses GCS_FM_... etc. and the CRCs also match perfectly.
The problem is... I can't make the NPCs use the new samples. There is a gap in the sentence when I test it but the new samples are not played.
I already searched all the inis if there might be a specific addional definition for the faction but the way it looks like the only real references are the initialworld.ini and the factionprops.ini.
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_alg_grp in theory has to be indexed by the faction used in mbases for that NPC and since I could not find any other definition of the faction nickname other than in the initialworld and factionprops I can only assume that my settings are correct.
Am I missing something? Any experience with that kind of stuff? Is the faction maybe hardcoded (like some faction entries for missions)?
Im a bit out of ideas atm. Any input would help.

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2023 9:49 am 
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i still have nightmares creating over 5000 audio files for the UV ... im sure Dwn will have an answer for you

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 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2023 10:32 pm 
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Greetings OP-R8R! I just finished a 15 hour work day in a 90 degree warehouse, let me look through this tomorrow. Eyes are kinda blurry right now lol.


 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2023 5:05 am 

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no hurry m8
This is not really the most important issue.

 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2023 12:51 pm 
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It has been a decade since we did this stuff but I am sure we can figure out your issue. We did ALL the voices, pilots outside, bartenders, Trent etc.
First, clear the fl-server-errors.log in your C:/root and run the server to the gaps. Most likely it will point to an issue (and there are a few other programs like FLScan as well).
I also remember that the sound had to be recorded in the proper format, some caused no sounds or even client and server crashes when you entered the system/base.

For instance, some of my voices:

atc_leg_m01 Graham 22khz, 16 bit, mono, 43kb/sec x3
pilot_f_mil_m01.utf Ryan 11khz, 8 bit, mono, 10kb/sec x4
pilot_f_leg_f01.utf Rachel 22khz, 8 bit, mono, 21kb/sec x2
rvp501.utf Lucy 22khz, 8 bit, mono, 21kb/sec x2
mc_leg_m01 Tom 48kz, 16 bit, mono, 93kb/sec x3

More to follow...


 Post subject: Re: DwnUndrs Guide to Total Voice Conversions
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2023 2:15 pm 
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Here is my entry for a bartender

RVP101, Bartender

$BGCS_Base_Name Welcome to the Origin 0xA53280CA.wav
$BGCS_Base_Run_By A Purifier base 0xB6F70581.wav
$BGCS_My_Faction_ML For the Purifiers 0xBC6E8B87.wav
$BGCS_Faction_Rebuff_ML The Purifiers don't. 0xBD1B950D.wav
gcs_ml_W02aF_Iw02_03 Welcome to the Osiris. 0xAF13AFC7.wav
gcs_ml_W02aF_Li01_15 Welcome to the Osiris. 0xBF8EDF41.wav
gcs_ml_W02aF_Rh02_07 Welcome to the Osiris. 0x9E17844A.wav
gcs_ml_W02aF_St01_02 Welcome to the Osiris. 0xBB8402C3.wav
GCS_ML_A01aG01 card 0x9858AB4E.wav
GCS_ML_A01aG02 Can I see your card? 0xB858D74E.wav
GCS_ML_A01aG03 Let's have a look at your card. 0x9858C34E.wav
GCS_ML_A02aG01 There's nothing going on right now. Check back later. 0x8058A88E.wav
GCS_ML_A02aG02 I've got nothing right now. Come back some other time. 0xA058D48E.wav
GCS_ML_A02aG03 Pretty dry around here. Why don't you come back later. 0x8058C08E.wav
GCS_ML_A02aG04 There's no action anywhere right now. But I'll keep you in mind. 0xA0582C8E.wav
GCS_ML_A02cG01 Stop wasting my time. You won't get anything from me. 0x8048A88C.wav
GCS_ML_A02cG02 Get the hell away from me! I could take you out myself for what you've done! 0xA048D48C.wav
GCS_ML_A02cG03 You better go. Before something bad happens to you. 0x8048C08C.wav
GCS_ML_A02cG04 I can't help you. Your reps no good with us. 0xA0482C8C.wav
GCS_ML_A02dG01 Ok. You check out. 0x8070A88A.wav
GCS_ML_A02dG02 Everything seems to be in order. 0xA070D48A.wav
GCS_ML_A02dG03 Looks good! 0x8070C08A.wav
GCS_ML_A02eB01 Sorry. I haven't heard anything interesting lately. 0x94788A8B.wav
GCS_ML_A02eB02 There's nothing really going on right now, but. Give it some time. 0xB478F68B.wav

GCS_ML_A03aG_co_alg_grp Homeland Security doesn't 0xAF47EF82.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_bd_grp The Phantoms don't 0xB4D1E54F.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_be_grp Regulators don't 0xBC545109.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gd_bh_grp INGEN doesn't 0xB4C57742.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_br_n_grp The Advance Guard doesn't 0xBD18E5C3.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_br_m_grp Guardians don't 0xA518E603.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_br_p_grp Ali-Baba doesn't 0x8D183C43.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_b_grp The Pain Gang doesn't 0x8C585047.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_c_grp The Bruisers don't 0x84585107.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_hsp_grp The Furyans don't 0xB8C3ABCF.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_khc_grp The Rykengoll don't 0xAFD2FB88.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_me_grp The Merchants don't 0xBC049104.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_fa_grp The Scimitar Legion doesn't 0x9CC4E105.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_g_grp The Korvan Knights don't 0xA4585407.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gd_gm_grp The Vigilantees don't 0x9CD5330A.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_gc_grp The Usurpers don't 0x8CC1A387.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_h_grp The Merchant Thugs don't 0x9C5818C7.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gd_im_grp Salvage Incorporated doesn't 0x9C80B305.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_ic_grp Freelancers don't 0x8C11968E.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_j_grp Scavengers don't 0x8C581A47.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_kt_grp Elementals don't 0xB41B844B.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_rh_m_grp Necromongers don't 0x91FA9F07.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_ku_n_grp Lucky Cab Company doesn't 0x87D9CC4A.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_ku_p_grp The Kruen Religious Police don't 0xB7D915CA.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_lh_grp The Border Rangers don't 0x94842A40.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_li_n_grp The Alpha Squad doesn't 0x8CD9664D.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_li_p_grp Purifiers don't 0xBCD9BFCD.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_lr_grp Special Forces doesn't 0x8484F6C0.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_li_lsf_grp The Merchant Guild doesn't 0x9114D24F.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_lwb_grp The ROX don't 0xB8635945.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_m_grp The Blasters don't 0xB4581C87.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_nws_grp Freelancers don't 0xBF56A705.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_os_grp Motel 6 doesn't 0x8C0E8281.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_ou_grp The Rovers don't 0xBC8B3007.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_ti_grp ConAire doesn't 0x9CDF9E06.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_rh_grp The Smuggler Elite don't 0x9445AA4F.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_rs_grp Reno Limo Service doesn't 0x8CC0C289.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_rh_p_grp The Brunnen-G don't 0xB9FA4547.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_rh_n_grp The Xel-Naga don't 0x89FA9CC7.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_shi_grp The Miners Guild doesn't 0x81D2CF08.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_ni_grp Holiday Inn doesn't 0x9C0B1E03.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_or_grp The Order doesn't 0x848B36C7.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_u_grp D3K doesn't 0xB458C287.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_ss_grp Travel Masters doesn't 0x8CC5828B.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fc_x_grp The Thieves Guild doesn't 0x9C588CC7.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gd_z_grp The Chieftains don't 0xB69887C6.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_co_vr_grp Gantry Security doesn't 0x84D5C3C3.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_royal_can_grp The Royal Canadia Police don't 0xA89E6348.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_kra_ken_grp The Kraken don't 0x8A360188.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_wand_idiot_grp The Wandering Idiots don't 0xA52D2045.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gor_gon_grp The Gorgonites don't 0x9FD61E88.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_pal_adin_grp The Paladins don't 0x99B89442.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_rom_ani_grp The Romani don't 0xAFBF4881.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_fre_men_grp The Fremen don't 0x98C60AC3.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_bre_en_grp The Breen don't 0xB9CA78CC.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_road_war_grp Road Warriors don't 0x8F45398D.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_dob_ies_grp Dobies don't 0x83164F81.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_riders_ro_grp Riders of Rohan don't 0xACFFBB41.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_bar_barian_grp The Barbarians don't 0xA92B804B.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_the_swarm_grp The Swarm doesn't 0xBF6BBA4A.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_robot_arms_grp Robot Arms don't 0x9FCB89C1.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_riff_raff_grp The Riff Raff doesn't 0xB6592488.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_lev_iathan_grp The Leviathan don't 0xA9F3348D.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_bio_syn_grp BioSYN doesn't 0xA09F9DCC.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_grue_bad_grp The Grue doesn't 0xB78E4208.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_gimp_s_grp Gimps don't 0x8F8EF24B.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_lunatic_s_grp Lunatics don't 0x9BA37103.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_tus_can_grp The Tuscan Raiders don't 0x90EC7101.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_lost_legion_grp The Lost Legion doesn't 0x9E2A9207.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_coal_sack_grp Coalsack Vultures don't 0xB9B0D649.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_kni_riders_grp The Knight Riders don't 0x8E21C5C8.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_band_itos_grp Banditos don't 0x92B7CB4D.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_muh_adeen_grp The Muhadeen don't 0x9193C94D.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_kel_morian_grp The Kel-Morian Combine don't 0x9082DE8C.wav
GCS_ML_A03aG_boh_av_grp Bohemian Avengers don't 0x9A7A0F81.wav

GCS_ML_A04aG01 waste any time in hunting down people who cross them. 0xB058AF0E.wav
GCS_ML_A04aG02 think much of your current allegences. 0x9058D30E.wav
GCS_ML_A04aG03 take kindly to being jacked with. 0xB058C70E.wav
GCS_ML_A04aG04 tolerate your kind. 0x90582B0E.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN01 It's your first time here, isn't it? 0xAC18B9CE.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN02 You're new here aren't ya? 0x8C18C5CE.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN03 First visit eh? 0xAC18D1CE.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN04 I don't know you, first time here? 0x8C183DCE.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN05 Never seen you here before. You new? 0xAC1829CE.wav
GCS_ML_D01aN06 You're a newcomer, aren't you? 0x8C1855CE.wav
GCS_ML_D01bG01 You're not on my good side Johns, you really let me down last time. 0x8800A3CD.wav
GCS_ML_D01bG02 Surprised you'd even show your face around here, after that last mission. 0xA800DFCD.wav
GCS_ML_D01bG03 You know after the last time, I shouldn't even be seen talking with you. 0x8800CBCD.wav
GCS_ML_D01cG01 Johns! You did quality work last time, so nice to see you 0x8808A3CC.wav
GCS_ML_D01cG02 Mr Johns, nice work on that last mission. Good to see you 0xA808DFCC.wav
GCS_ML_D01cG03 Excellent work on our last little endevour Mr Johns. Great to see you. 0x8808CBCC.wav
GCS_ML_D01cG04 Ah Mr Johns. A man I can depend on. Nice to see you again. 0xA80827CC.wav
GCS_ML_D01dG01 Your back! Don't you have a mission to fly? 0x8830A3CA.wav
GCS_ML_D01dG02 What are doing back here you've got a job to do! 0xA830DFCA.wav
GCS_ML_D01dG03 Didn't I just give you a job? What are you doing? 0x8830CBCA.wav
GCS_ML_D01eV01 Mr Johns! You're back already. 0x8C38C9CB.wav
GCS_ML_D01eV02 It's nice to see you again, so soon. 0xAC38B5CB.wav
GCS_ML_D01eV03 Twice in one day! What gives me the honor? 0x8C38A1CB.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG01 Mr Johns! You're back! 0x8820A3C8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG02 It's you again! 0xA820DFC8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG03 You're back already? 0x8820CBC8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG04 You're back! Everything all right? 0xA82027C8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG05 Did you want something else? 0x882033C8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG06 Were'nt you just here? 0xA8204FC8.wav
GCS_ML_D01fG07 Did you forget something? 0x88205BC8.wav
GCS_ML_D01hG01 I've seen you before, haven't I? 0x8810A385.wav
GCS_ML_D01hG02 We've met before, haven't we? 0xA810DF85.wav
GCS_ML_D01hG03 We've spoken before haven't we? 0x8810CB85.wav
GCS_ML_D01kG01 Welcome back Mr Johns nice to see you. 0x8808A386.wav
GCS_ML_D01kG02 Well, it's nice to see you again Mr Johns. 0xA808DF86.wav
GCS_ML_D01kG03 Nice of you to come back Johns. Good to see you again. 0x8808CB86.wav
GCS_ML_D01kG04 Johns! Welcome back! Very good to see you. 0xA8082786.wav
GCS_ML_D03aN01 Of course! Johns. Nice to see you again. 0xBC18BB4E.wav
GCS_ML_D03aN02 I remember you. Good to see you again Mr Johns. 0x9C18C74E.wav
GCS_ML_D04aG01 Well I'm pretty sure I have what youre looking for Mr? 0xA018A78E.wav
GCS_ML_D04aG02 Well you may be in luck, I might have just the thing Mr? 0x8018DB8E.wav
GCS_ML_D04bB01 Well you've come to the right place, I hear everything around here, Mr? 0xB400858D.wav
GCS_ML_D04bB02 Well if it's inside info you want I'm the best source around, Mr? 0x9400F98D.wav
GCS_ML_D04cE01 It's good you came to see me then. Need equipment, repairs, I'm your man, Mr? 0xA808B38C.wav
GCS_ML_D04cE02 Well if you're looking for equipment or even ship repair, I'm the man to come to, Mr? 0x8808CF8C.wav
GCS_ML_D04dT01 Well you made the right choice if you're looking to trade in commodities, Mr? 0xAC30D98A.wav
GCS_ML_D04dT02 One word. Commodities. That's what it's all about, Mr? 0x8C30A58A.wav
GCS_ML_D04eS01 Well sir! You've come to the right place. I'm the only ship dealer in this area, Mr? 0xB038EF8B.wav
GCS_ML_D04eS02 Well, if it's a ship you're needing, please, take a look around. Mr? 0x9038938B.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG00 Oh, well I work 0x9018B10E.wav

GCS_ML_D06aG_co_alg_grp for Homeland Security 0x80933288.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_bd_grp for the Phantoms 0x961E20CE.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_be_grp for the Regulators 0x9E9B9488.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gd_bh_grp for INGEN 0x960AB2C3.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_br_n_grp for the Advance Guard 0xB85A2882.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_br_m_grp for the Guardians 0xA05A2B42.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_br_p_grp for the Ali-Baba 0x885AF102.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_b_grp for the Pain Gang 0x891A9D06.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_c_grp for the Bruisers 0x811A9C46.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_hsp_grp for the Furyans 0x971776C5.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_khc_grp for the Rykengoll 0x80062682.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_me_grp for the Merchants 0x9ECB5485.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_fa_grp for the Scimitar Legion 0xBE0B2484.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_g_grp for the Korvan Knights 0xA11A9946.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gd_gm_grp for the Vigilantees 0xBE1AF68B.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_gc_grp for the Usurpers 0xAE0E6606.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_h_grp for the Merchant Thugs 0x991AD586.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gd_im_grp for Salvage Incorporated 0xBE4F7684.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_ic_grp for the Freelancers 0xAEDE530F.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_j_grp for the Scavengers 0x891AD706.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_kt_grp for the Elementals 0x96D441CA.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_rh_m_grp for the Necromongers 0x94B85246.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_ku_n_grp for the Lucky Cab Company 0x829B010B.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_ku_p_grp for the Kruen Religious Police 0xB29BD88B.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_lh_grp for the Border Rangers 0xB64BEFC1.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_li_n_grp for the Alpha Squad 0x899BAB0C.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_li_p_grp for the Purifiers 0xB99B728C.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_lr_grp for the Special Forces 0xA64B3341.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_li_lsf_grp for the Merchant Guild 0xBEC00F45.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_lwb_grp for the ROX 0x97B7844F.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_m_grp for the Blasters 0xB11AD1C6.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_nws_grp for the Freelancers 0x90827A0F.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_os_grp for Motel 6 0xAEC14700.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_ou_grp for the Rovers 0x9E44F586.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_ti_grp for ConAire 0xBE105B87.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_rh_grp for the Smuggler Elite 0xB68A6FCE.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_rs_grp for Reno Limo Service 0xAE0F0708.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_rh_p_grp for the Brunnen-G 0xBCB88806.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_rh_n_grp for the Xel-Naga 0x8CB85186.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_shi_grp for the Miners Guild 0xAE061202.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_ni_grp for Holiday Inn 0xBEC4DB82.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_or_grp for the Order 0xA644F346.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_u_grp for D3K 0xB11A0FC6.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_ss_grp for Travel Masters 0xAE0A470A.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fc_x_grp for the Thieves Guild 0x991A4186.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gd_z_grp for the Chieftains 0xB3DA4A87.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_co_vr_grp for Gantry Security 0xA61A0642.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_royal_can_grp for the Royal Canadia Police 0x947E3100.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_kra_ken_grp for the Kraken 0xBEFCC701.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_wand_idiot_grp for the Wandering Idiots 0xA5611449.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gor_gon_grp for the Gorgonites 0xAB1CD801.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_pal_adin_grp for the Paladins 0xB364614C.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_rom_ani_grp for the Romani 0x9B758E08.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_fre_men_grp for the Fremen 0xAC0CCC4A.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_bre_en_grp for the Breen 0x961EA5C6.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_road_war_grp for the Road Warriors 0xA599CC83.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_dob_ies_grp for the Dobies 0xB7DC8908.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_riders_ro_grp for the Riders of Rohan 0x901FE909.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_bar_barian_grp for the Barbarians 0xA967B447.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_the_swarm_grp for the Swarm 0x838BE802.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_robot_arms_grp for the Robot Arms 0x9F87BDCD.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_riff_raff_grp for the Riff Raff 0x8AB976C0.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_lev_iathan_grp for the Leviathan 0xA9BF0081.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_bio_syn_grp for BioSYN 0x94555B45.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_grue_bad_grp for the Grue 0x9D52B706.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_gimp_s_grp for the Gimps 0xA05A2F41.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_lunatic_s_grp for the Lunatics 0xA743234B.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_tus_can_grp for the Tuscan Raiders 0xA426B788.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_lost_legion_grp for the Lost Legion 0xB21E8AC7.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_coal_sack_grp for the Coalsack Vultures 0x85508401.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_kni_riders_grp for the Knight Riders 0x8E6DF1C4.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_band_itos_grp for the Banditos 0xAE579905.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_muh_adeen_grp for the Muhadeen 0xAD739B05.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_kel_morian_grp for the Kel-Morian Combine 0x90CEEA80.wav
GCS_ML_D06aG_boh_av_grp for the Bohemian Avengers 0xB5AED28B.wav

GCS_ML_D07aG02 We run this place 0x9818D84E.wav
GCS_ML_D07bG01 We don't really run this place, but we have an understanding with the people who do. 0xB800A44D.wav
GCS_ML_F01aB01 Sure I've heard a rumor or two. I'll clue you in for a small price. Interested? 0x969884CE.wav
GCS_ML_F01aB02 Ya. I've heard a rumor going around. Interested? 0xB698F8CE.wav
GCS_ML_F01aB03 Well I could pass along a rumor I've heard. Interested? 0x9698ECCE.wav
GCS_ML_F01bB01 Well I've got some information you might find interesting. 0x968084CD.wav
GCS_ML_F01bB02 Well, some rather interesting info did cross my path recently. 0xB680F8CD.wav
GCS_ML_F01dG01 Well, just between us. I have heard a rumor. 0x82B0A6CA.wav
GCS_ML_F01eG01 Now that I think of it, I might have some information for you. 0x82B8A6CB.wav
GCS_ML_F01fG01 You know your rep could use a little fixing. For a small fee. 0x82A0A6C8.wav
GCS_ML_F01jG01 As it turns out, I do need someone for a mission. 0x8280A687.wav
GCS_ML_F01jG02 I might have just the right mission for you. 0xA280DA87.wav
GCS_ML_F03bR01 Well, not many know about this one. 0x8680E64D.wav
GCS_ML_F03bR02 It's not really a secret exactly, just not very well known. 0xA6809A4D.wav
GCS_ML_F03bR03 Well, it's not really what you would call public knowledge. 0x86808E4D.wav
GCS_ML_F03cR01 I don't think many people know about this, it's probably a secret. 0x8688E64C.wav
GCS_ML_F03cR02 It's a secret my friend. The genuine article. 0xA6889A4C.wav
GCS_ML_F03cR03 This information hasn't been released. Yet. 0x86888E4C.wav
GCS_ML_F03dR01 It's top secret. Nobody else knows about this except me. 0x86B0E64A.wav
GCS_ML_F03dR02 You could probably get killed just for knowing about it. 0xA6B09A4A.wav
GCS_ML_F03dR03 Sure you want to know about it? It could cost you your life. 0x86B08E4A.wav
GCS_ML_F04aG01 But you don't have jumpgate access to that system yet, afraid you can't take it. Sorry. 0xAA98A28E.wav
GCS_ML_F04dG01 But you're going to need more cargo space for this mission. You should get rid of some of that junk or get a bigger ship and get back to me. 0xAAB0A28A.wav
GCS_ML_F04fG01 But you're already on a mission Johns, for someone else. Come back when you're free. 0xAAA0A288.wav
GCS_ML_F04fG02 But I understand you're currently on an assignment. Why don't you finish that one up and then come back. 0x8AA0DE88.wav
GCS_ML_F05aG01 Don't worry about. It'll be a breeze for ya. 0xA298A3CE.wav
GCS_ML_F05bG01 It could be challenging. But you'll do fine. 0xA280A3CD.wav
GCS_ML_F05cG01 Ah, ya. It's a tough one. 0xA288A3CC.wav
GCS_ML_F08bR01 Ok. Here's whats going on. 0x9E80AF8D.wav
GCS_ML_F08bR02 Fine. Here's what I heard. 0xBE80D38D.wav
GCS_ML_F08dR01 Oh sorry. I'd love to work with you, but I don't run a charity. Come back later. 0x9EB0AF8A.wav
GCS_ML_F08dR02 Ya, it looks like you can't afford this right now. Sorry, try me later. 0xBEB0D38A.wav
GCS_ML_F08dR03 Uh oh, I can see you're a little short of credits. Perhaps we can do this again later. 0x9EB0C78A.wav
GCS_ML_F08dR04 Wait, this seems to be a little rich for your taste right now. It's ok, maybe later. 0xBEB02B8A.wav
GCS_ML_F10aR01 Be seeing ya. Good luck! 0x9E9DA58C.wav
GCS_ML_F10aR02 All right then! Good luck! 0xBE9DD98C.wav
GCS_ML_F10aR03 Wonderful. You won't regret it. 0x9E9DCD8C.wav
GCS_ML_F10aR04 Very well. Be seeing ya! 0xBE9D218C.wav
GCS_ML_F10bR01 I'll see you around Mr Johns. 0x9E85A58F.wav
GCS_ML_F10bR02 Good journey Mr Johns. 0xBE85D98F.wav
GCS_ML_F10bR03 We'll meet again Johns. 0x9E85CD8F.wav
GCS_ML_F10bR04 It was a pleasure Mr Johns. See you again. 0xBE85218F.wav
GCS_ML_F10bR05 Come back anytime Mr Johns. 0x9E85358F.wav
GCS_ML_V01aV01 Take a look around! Let me know if I can help you. 0x9298A4CE.wav
GCS_ML_V01aV02 Why don't you take a closer look? 0xB298D8CE.wav
GCS_ML_V01aV03 My shop is yours. Let me know if you are interested in anything. 0x9298CCCE.wav
GCS_ML_V01aV04 Have a look! Let me know if you see something you like. 0xB29820CE.wav
GCS_ML_V05bV01 Did you find everything you were looking for? 0xB280A1CD.wav
GCS_ML_V05bV02 Anything else I can help you with? 0x9280DDCD.wav
GCS_ML_W01aV01 Good day sir! 0x97D8A64E.wav
GCS_ML_W01aV02 Hello pilot. 0xB7D8DA4E.wav
GCS_ML_W01aV03 Come right in sir. 0x97D8CE4E.wav
GCS_ML_W01bB01 What's going on my friend? 0x87C0EE4D.wav
GCS_ML_W01bB02 Top of the day! 0xA7C0924D.wav
GCS_ML_W01bB03 Some day huh? 0x87C0864D.wav
GCS_ML_W01bB04 Hey freelancer! 0xA7C06A4D.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG01 What's up. Can I help you with something? 0x93C8CC4C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG02 Hey! You looking for something? 0xB3C8B04C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG03 Hey man. What chew need? 0x93C8A44C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG04 Pilot. Need some help? 0xB3C8484C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG05 Hi! Help you? 0x93C85C4C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG06 Hello. What can I do for you? 0xB3C8204C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG07 What's up? Need anything in particular? 0x93C8344C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG08 Hiya. Something I can help you with? 0xB3C9F84C.wav
GCS_ML_W01cG09 Greetings. Anything I can do for you? 0x93C9EC4C.wav
GCS_ML_W03aF01 What can I do for you today? 0x87D8C4CE.wav
GCS_ML_W03aF02 And, how may I be of service? 0xA7D8B8CE.wav
GCS_ML_W03aF03 What's your pleasure? 0x87D8ACCE.wav
GCS_ML_W03aF04 How may I help you? 0xA7D840CE.wav
GCS_ML_W03bB01 Want a drink? Maybe something to take the edge off? 0x97C0ECCD.wav
GCS_ML_W03bB02 So! What will it be? 0xB7C090CD.wav
GCS_ML_W03bB03 So! What can I get for you? 0x97C084CD.wav
GCS_ML_W03bB04 Can I get you something? 0xB7C068CD.wav

GCS_ML_W02bF01 run by Holiday Inn 0x8FC0C58D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF02 run by Motel 6 0xAFC0B98D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF03 run by Homeland Security 0x8FC0AD8D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF04 run by the Barbarians 0xAFC0418D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF05 run by the Advance Guard 0x8FC0558D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF06 run by the Alpha Squad 0xAFC0298D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF07 run by the Ali Baba 0x8FC03D8D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF08 run by the Merchant Guild 0xAFC1F18D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF09 run by the Purifiers 0x8FC1E58D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF10 run by the Lucky Cab Company 0xAFC4D187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF11 run by the Kruen Religious Police 0x8FC4C587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF12 run by the Xel-Naga 0xAFC4B987.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF13 run by the Brunnen-G 0x8FC4AD87.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF14 run by INGEN 0xAFC44187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF15 run by Reno Limo Service 0x8FC45587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF16 run by the Miners Guild 0xAFC42987.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF17 run by Travel Masters 0x8FC43D87.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF18 run by ConAire 0xAFC5F187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF19 run by Gantry Security 0x8FC5E587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF20 run by the Vigilantees 0xAFA8D18D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF21 run by Salvage Incorporated 0x8FA8C58D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF22 run by the Chieftains 0xAFA8B98D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF23 run by the Royal Canadia Police 0x8FA8AD8D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF24 run by the Kraken 0xAFA8418D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF25 run by the Wandering Idiots 0x8FA8558D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF26 run by the Gorgonites 0xAFA8298D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF27 run by the Paladins 0x8FA83D8D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF28 run by the Romani 0xAFA9F18D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF29 run by the freh men 0x8FA9E58D.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF30 run by the Breen 0xAFACD187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF31 run by the Road Warriors 0x8FACC587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF32 run by the Dobies 0xAFACB987.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF33 run by the Riders of Rohan 0x8FACAD87.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF34 run by the Phantoms 0xAFAC4187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF35 run by the Thieves Guild 0x8FAC5587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF36 run by the Merchant Thugs 0xAFAC2987.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF37 run by the Scavengers 0x8FAC3D87.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF38 run by the Swarm 0xAFADF187.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF39 run by the Robot Arms 0x8FADE587.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF40 run by the Riff Raff 0xAF50D1CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF41 run by the Leviathan 0x8F50C5CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF42 run by BioSYN 0xAF50B9CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF43 run by the Grue 0x8F50ADCD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF44 run by the Gimps 0xAF5041CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF45 run by the Lunatics 0x8F5055CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF46 run by the Tuscan Raiders 0xAF5029CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF47 run by the Lost Legion 0x8F503DCD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF48 run by the Knight Riders 0xAF51F1CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF49 run by Banditos 0x8F51E5CD.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF50 run by the Moo had een 0xAF54D1C7.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF51 run by the Kel-Morian Combine 0x8F54C5C7.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF52 run by the Bohemian Avengers 0xAF54B9C7.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF53 run by Regulators 0x8F54ADC7.wav
GCS_ML_W02bF54 run by Guardians 0xAF5441C7.wav


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GCS_ML_W02aF_AA01_01 welcome to Wild Bunch 0x858053CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AA01_02 welcome to ShadowLAN 0xA5802FCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AA01_03 welcome to The Carrot Patch 0x85803BCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AB01_01 welcome to Ka tar 0x858F93CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AB01_02 welcome to Ree ahd 0xA58FEFCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AB01_03 welcome to Moon Base Construction 0x858FFBCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AB01_04 welcome to Holy City of Madinah 0xA58F17CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AB01_05 welcome to Esso Petrochemical 0x858F03CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AC01_01 welcome to Planet Acropolis 0x858AD3CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AC01_02 welcome to Lupus 5 0xA58AAFCE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AC01_03 welcome to Deathriders Depot 0x858ABBCE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AC01_04 welcome to Taco Bell 0xA58A57CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AC01_05 welcome to Parthenon Museum 0x858A43CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AQ01_01 welcome to Ack quila minor 0x851453CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AQ01_02 welcome to zae ta Ack quila 0xA5142FCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AQ01_03 welcome to Ack me Station Construction 0x85143BCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AQ01_04 welcome to Centrodyne 0xA514D7CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AQ01_05 welcome to Big Dipper Loans 0x8514C3CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AM01_01 welcome to Austin 0x85DF53C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AM01_02 welcome to Liberty Bell 0xA5DF2FC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AM01_03 welcome to Dodge City 0x85DF3BC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AM01_04 welcome to Fort Knox 0xA5DFD7C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AM01_05 welcome to Cancer Care Center 0x85DFC3C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_01 welcome to Gede e prime 0x851B93CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_02 welcome to Caladan 0xA51BEFCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_03 welcome to ah rackis 0x851BFBCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_04 welcome to Planet Ix 0xA51B17CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_05 welcome to kite ain 0x851B03CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_06 welcome to seetch tab are 0xA51B7FCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AR01_07 welcome to Cave of Riches 0x851B6BCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_AV01_01 welcome to Little Big Horn 0x850E93C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BA01_01 welcome to Planet Sheridan 0x8A40544B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BA01_02 welcome to Asylum 0xAA40284B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BA01_03 welcome to Boom's Stronghold 0x8A403C4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BA01_04 welcome to High Court Tribunal 0xAA40D04B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BA01_05 welcome to True Believers Confessional 0x8A40C44B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BC01_01 welcome to Planet B B King 0x8A4AD44E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BC01_02 welcome to Planet Mississippi 0xAA4AA84E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BC01_03 welcome to Blind Dog Fulton's Harps 0x8A4ABC4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BC01_04 welcome to Delta Blues Club 0xAA4A504E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BC01_05 welcome to Muddy Waters Guitars 0x8A4A444E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BE01_01 welcome to Planet Aggie 0x8A555441.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BE01_02 welcome to Planet Mirth 0xAA552841.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BE01_03 welcome to Reggies 0x8A553C41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BE01_04 welcome to Gollum Corporation 0xAA55D041.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BE01_05 welcome to cryts depot 0x8A55C441.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BK01_01 welcome to planet jinks 0x8A00D44E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BK01_02 welcome to planet tie gris 0xAA00A84E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BK01_03 welcome to triple a ejection pods 0x8A00BC4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BK01_04 welcome to Sampsons Stonemasons Guild #23 0xAA00504E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BK01_05 welcome to saint elige e us hospital 0x8A00444E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BN01_01 welcome to Secret Cove 0x8A109446.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BO01_01 welcome to planet sib bu 0x8A15D444.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BO01_02 welcome to nigh ah caves 0xAA15A844.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BO01_03 welcome to lore omar Military Contracts 0x8A15BC44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BO01_04 welcome to wine ohs vin yards 0xAA155044.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BO01_05 welcome to Starbucks 0x8A154444.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BP01_01 welcome to Planet Azeroth 0x8AD11449.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BP01_02 welcome to Baloris Prime 0xAAD16849.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BP01_03 welcome to PollyAnna's Crackers and Noodles 0x8AD17C49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BP01_04 welcome to The Chocolate Factory 0xAAD19049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_BP01_05 welcome to Ma and Paws Gritz World 0x8AD18449.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CA01_01 welcome to planet mare e us 0x8F0056CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CA01_02 welcome to Planet Pandora 0xAF002ACB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CA01_03 welcome to Soupmans Kitchen 0x8F003ECB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CA01_04 welcome to Barnums Traveling Circus 0xAF00D2CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CA01_05 welcome to boodahs temple 0x8F00C6CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CE01_01 welcome to mar newt 0x8F1556C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_01 welcome to Planet Grace 0x8F4F16C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_02 welcome to Belmont 0xAF4F6AC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_03 welcome to Safe-T Bail Bonds 0x8F4F7EC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_04 welcome to Derby Bookies 0xAF4F92C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_05 welcome to Trinidad Fuel Depot 0x8F4F86C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CK01_01 welcome to Planet Ottawa 0x8F40D6CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CK01_02 welcome to Ontario 0xAF40AACE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CK01_03 welcome to Frontier Village 0x8F40BECE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CK01_04 welcome to Fine Jewelry by Dia 0xAF4052CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CK01_05 welcome to Newfoundland Tourist Center 0x8F4046CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CL01_01 welcome to tala man ka 0x8F5A16C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CL01_02 welcome to fran gel icko 0xAF5A6AC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CL01_03 welcome to Woodward Penitentiary 0x8F5A7EC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CL01_04 welcome to gen tree apoth ick ary 0xAF5A92C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CL01_05 welcome to Red October 0x8F5A86C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_01 welcome to RIP Homeworld 0x8F5F56C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_02 welcome to Planet Crest 0xAF5F2AC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_03 welcome to Krash and Burn Salvage Yard 0x8F5F3EC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_04 welcome to Slipstream Technologies 0xAF5FD2C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_05 welcome to Phenomena's Battleship 0x8F5FC6C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CN01_01 welcome to Planet Corvan 0x8F5096C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CN01_02 welcome to Outerworld Religious Icons 0xAF50EAC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CN01_03 welcome to Twillermans Mens Fashions 0x8F50FEC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CN01_04 welcome to Katies Caterers 0xAF5012C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CN01_05 welcome to Ketchhook 0x8F5006C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CO01_01 welcome to Dismal Swamp 0x8F55D6C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CO01_02 welcome to planet ober on 0xAF55AAC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CO01_03 welcome to Icefires Swords 0x8F55BEC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CO01_04 welcome to Shriners Hospital 0xAF5552C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CO01_05 welcome to Varna Keep 0x8F5546C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CR01_01 welcome to Inglewood Shrine 0x8F9B96CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CR01_02 welcome to Sportsmans Refuge 0xAF9BEACC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CR01_03 welcome to Planet Crutchfield 0x8F9BFECC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CR01_04 welcome to 28th Century Fox Studios 0xAF9B12CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_01 welcome to Collinwood 0x8F9ED6CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_02 welcome to Collinsport 0xAF9EAACE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_03 welcome to The Blue Whale 0x8F9EBECE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_04 welcome to Rose Cottage 0xAF9E52CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_05 welcome to The Old House 0x8F9E46CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CS01_06 welcome to jail 0xAF9E3ACE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CT01_01 welcome to Chat 1 0x8F8416C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CT02_01 welcome to Chat 2 0x8F9C16C0.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CW01_01 welcome to est tease 0x8F8BD6C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DA01_01 welcome to Planet Inferno 0x95C05B4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DA01_02 welcome to Epiphany 0xB5C0274B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DA01_03 welcome to Helter Skelter 0x95C0334B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DA01_04 welcome to ses seals Family Counceling 0xB5C0DF4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DA01_05 welcome to Purgatory 0x95C0CB4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DE01_01 welcome to Planet Calamity 0x95D55B41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DM01_01 welcome to new gun 0x959F5B41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DM01_02 welcome to Far from new gun 0xB59F2741.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DM01_03 welcome to Champs Sports Bar 0x959F3341.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DM01_04 welcome to Shakertown 0xB59FDF41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DM01_05 welcome to Ted's Sporty Ship Sales 0x959FCB41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DO01_01 welcome to planet sarge e oh 0x9595DB44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DO01_02 welcome to Planet Despair 0xB595A744.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DO01_03 welcome to Temple of the ONE 0x9595B344.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DO01_04 welcome to sul pish e ah 0xB5955F44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_DO01_05 welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows 0x95954B44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EC01_01 welcome to Scrapyard 0x908AD9CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EL01_01 welcome to El Dorado 0x90DA19C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EL01_02 welcome to con keast ah door 0xB0DA65C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EL01_03 welcome to Wild Weasel Flight Training 0x90DA71C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EL01_04 welcome to DwnUndrs Lair 0xB0DA9DC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EL01_05 welcome to Teleportation Research 0x90DA89C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EN01_01 welcome to Buckingham Palace 0x90D099C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EN01_02 welcome to par lament 0xB0D0E5C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EN01_03 welcome to R A F Lakenheath 0x90D0F1C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EN01_04 welcome to R A F Sculthorpe 0xB0D01DC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EN01_05 welcome to St. Jude Medical Center 0x90D009C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ET01_01 welcome to Hidden Valley 0x900419C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ET01_02 welcome to Mount Etna 0xB00465C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ET01_03 welcome to Plymouth Rock 0x900471C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ET01_04 welcome to Fort Charles Satellite Systems 0xB0049DC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EZ01_01 welcome to Planet Cat's Eye 0x905199CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EZ01_02 welcome to drake ohs amulets 0xB051E5CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EZ01_03 welcome to Genuine Inflections 0x9051F1CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EZ01_04 welcome to The Dream Cycle 0xB0511DCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_EZ01_05 welcome to sharks she been 0x905109CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FA01_01 welcome to bee el z bub 0x9F405E4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FA01_02 welcome to Interstellar Vending 0xBF40224B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FA01_03 welcome to Stiffle Tower 0x9F40364B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FA01_04 welcome to Helmans Insurance 0xBF40DA4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FA01_05 welcome to Cryogenics Distribution 0x9F40CE4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_01 welcome to Planet Fame 0x9FDEDE4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_02 welcome to U F L Championship Stadium 0xBFDEA24E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_03 welcome to Destructable 1 0x9FDEB64E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_04 welcome to Destructable 2 0xBFDE5A4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_05 welcome to Destructable 3 0x9FDE4E4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FS01_06 welcome to Destructable 4 0xBFDE324E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FU01_01 welcome to fury ya 0x9FC15E41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FU01_02 welcome to fury yan trading post 0xBFC12241.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FU01_03 welcome to Slappys Arcade 0x9FC13641.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FW01_01 welcome to Planet Hatfield 0x9FCBDE44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_FW01_02 welcome to Planet McCoy 0xBFCBA244.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GA01_01 welcome to Palisades 0x9A005CCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GA01_02 welcome to Carnival Cruise Lines 0xBA0020CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GA01_03 welcome to Kantilenna Shrine 0x9A0034CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GA01_04 welcome to Trybeck, Ghould and Wompler 0xBA00D8CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GE01_01 welcome to planet ream us 0x9A155CC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GE01_02 welcome to Planet Lazio 0xBA1520C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GE01_03 welcome to Pylos 0x9A1534C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GE01_04 welcome to mass ah donia 0xBA15D8C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GE01_05 welcome to thiebes 0x9A15CCC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_01 welcome to Freelancer Community 0x9A1FDCC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_02 welcome to Harriers Laboratory 0xBA1FA0C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_03 welcome to Labyrinth 0x9A1FB4C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_04 welcome to Sqornshellous Zeta 0xBA1F58C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_05 welcome to Zaphods Bar 0x9A1F4CC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GG01_06 welcome to Stinkers Shipwrights 0xBA1F30C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GR01_01 welcome to Barrens 0x9A9B9CCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GR01_02 welcome to Riots Terraforming 0xBA9BE0CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GR01_03 welcome to Kenyan Hunting Preserve 0x9A9BF4CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GR01_04 welcome to Machete Bug Exterminating 0xBA9B18CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GR01_05 welcome to Castle Heidelburg 0x9A9B0CCC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_01 welcome to Start 0x9A841CC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_02 welcome to Dock 1 0xBA8460C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_03 welcome to Dock 2 0x9A8474C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_04 welcome to Dock 3 0xBA8498C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_05 welcome to Dock 4 0x9A848CC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_06 welcome to Dock 5 0xBA84F0C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_07 welcome to Dock 6 0x9A84E4C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_08 welcome to Dock 7 0xBA8528C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_09 welcome to Dock 8 0x9A853CC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GT01_10 welcome to Finish 0xBA8008C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GY01_01 welcome to Gypsy Rose 0x9ADE5CCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GY01_02 welcome to planet rome on e 0xBADE20CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GY01_03 welcome to lie ankas palm reading 0x9ADE34CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GY01_04 welcome to Foils and Daggers 0xBADED8CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_GY01_05 welcome to madam sell eenas tear o cards 0x9ADECCCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HA01_01 welcome to Planet Usher 0xAAC0454B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HA01_02 welcome to Planet Balasco 0x8AC0394B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HA01_03 welcome to Jeepers 0xAAC02D4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HA01_04 welcome to Creepers 0x8AC0C14B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HA01_05 welcome to Peepers 0xAAC0D54B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HE01_01 welcome to heel eon prime 0xAAD54541.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HE01_02 welcome to new mech ah 0x8AD53941.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HE01_03 welcome to Planet Quintessa 0xAAD52D41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HY01_01 welcome to hick sose die na sti 0xAA1E454B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HY01_02 welcome to Avaris 0x8A1E394B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HY01_03 welcome to Crusader Spaceport 0xAA1E2D4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HY01_04 welcome to d3jakes Place 0x8A1EC14B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_HY01_05 welcome to Sakkara 0xAA1ED54B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_01 welcome to planet biz zet 0xAF9FC7C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_02 welcome to planet cam eel 0x8F9FBBC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_03 welcome to Caddyshack 0xAF9FAFC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_04 welcome to Interstellar Shipwrights 0x8F9F43C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_05 welcome to na cell space dock 0xAF9F57C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IG01_06 welcome to planet cream ah toria 0x8F9F2BC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IN01_01 welcome to Planet Radiance 0xAFD087C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IN01_02 welcome to Planet Jeremiah 0x8FD0FBC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IN01_03 welcome to steeps shantry 0xAFD0EFC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IN01_04 welcome to Mapleridge Condominiums 0x8FD003C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_IN01_05 welcome to Coalbank Hollow 0xAFD017C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JP01_01 welcome to Isla Nublar 0xA0D10049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JP01_02 welcome to Isla Sorna 0x80D17C49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JP01_03 welcome to Costa Rica 0xA0D16849.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JP01_04 welcome to INGEN 0x80D18449.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JP01_05 welcome to BioSYN 0xA0D19049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JX01_01 welcome to Fallkirk 0xA09B0049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JX01_02 welcome to planet rhine 0x809B7C49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JX01_03 welcome to Ribald Correctional Facility 0xA09B6849.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JX01_04 welcome to Big Gorge Construction 0x809B8449.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_JX01_05 welcome to Lonesome Dove 0xA09B9049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_KA01_01 welcome to Quartzon 0xA50042CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_KA01_02 welcome to Hydras Den of Vipers 0x85003ECB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_KA01_03 welcome to Pan Galactic Cineplex 0xA5002ACB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_KA01_04 welcome to Night Vision Inc 0x8500C6CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_KA01_05 welcome to Grammas Cookies and Crumbs 0xA500D2CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LC01_01 welcome to Hong Kong 0xBFCACF4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LC01_02 welcome to bay jing 0x9FCAB34E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LC01_03 welcome to Looking Glass Technologies 0xBFCAA74E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LC01_04 welcome to general sows palace 0x9FCA4B4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LC01_05 welcome to shang hi 0xBFCA5F4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LM01_01 welcome to planet trous 0xBF9F4F41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LM01_02 welcome to Planet Stone 0x9F9F3341.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LM01_03 welcome to Butcher Bay Correctional Facility 0xBF9F2741.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LM01_04 welcome to North Fork Junction 0x9F9FCB41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LM01_05 welcome to Gradys Hospital 0xBF9FDF41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LS01_01 welcome to Bittersweet 0xBF5ECF4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LS01_02 welcome to Planet Vespa 0x9F5EB34E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LS01_03 welcome to Apemans Safari Outfitters 0xBF5EA74E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LS01_04 welcome to ren fuel d poe 0x9F5E4B4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LS01_05 welcome to The Spiral Bar and caf a 0xBF5E5F4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LX01_01 welcome to planet Bee three kay 0xBF1B0F49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LX01_02 welcome to Planet Fire 0x9F1B7349.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LX01_03 welcome to Planet Water 0xBF1B6749.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LX01_04 welcome to Planet Brunnis 0x9F1B8B49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_LX01_05 welcome to Belview Sanitarium 0xBF1B9F49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MA01_01 welcome to Planet Lament 0xBA804DCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MA01_02 welcome to Bevs Tavern 0x9A8031CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MA01_03 welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous 0xBA8025CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MA01_04 welcome to Mega Electronics 0x9A80C9CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MA01_05 welcome to Mid Crust Hydroponics 0xBA80DDCB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ME01_01 welcome to Golondrinas 0xBA954DC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ME01_02 welcome to Mexico City 0x9A9531C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ME01_03 welcome to pa chuka 0xBA9525C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ME01_04 welcome to can coon 0x9A95C9C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_ME01_05 welcome to tee wanna border station 0xBA95DDC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MG01_01 welcome to Planet One 0xBA9FCDC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MP01_01 welcome to Planet Mosh 0xBA110DC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_MP01_02 welcome to Planet Pit 0x9A1171C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NE01_01 welcome to Planet Necropolis 0xB5554A41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NE01_02 welcome to Valley of the Lord Marshalls 0x95553641.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NE01_03 welcome to Exile 0xB5552241.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NH01_01 welcome to spang doll em air force base 0xB50F0A49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NH01_02 welcome to planet tree air 0x950F7649.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NH01_03 welcome to Bitburg Space Base 0xB50F6249.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NH01_04 welcome to zwei brew ken repair dock 0x950F8E49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NH01_05 welcome to Oktoberfest Fairgrounds 0xB50F9A49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NN01_01 welcome to planet ear ah coy 0xB5108A46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NN01_02 welcome to Planet Lakota 0x9510F646.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NN01_03 welcome to planet nav ah hoe 0xB510E246.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NN01_04 welcome to planet sue 0x95100E46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NN01_05 welcome to Unified Tribes Council 0xB5101A46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NO01_01 welcome to New Oslo 0xB515CA44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NO01_02 welcome to Planet Belfast 0x9515B644.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NO01_03 welcome to New Oslo Shipping Yard 0xB515A244.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NO01_04 welcome to Ferret Pod Racers 0x95154E44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NO01_05 welcome to Roberts Robots 0xB5155A44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NS01_01 welcome to The Looney Bin 0xB5DECA4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NS01_02 welcome to Wally World 0x95DEB64E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NS01_03 welcome to Friar Tucks Haircuts 0xB5DEA24E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NS01_04 welcome to eroG Acting School 0x95DE4E4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_NS01_05 welcome to Punsters Paradise Cosmic Comedy Club 0xB5DE5A4E.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OC01_01 welcome to planet nigh agra 0xB00AC8CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OC01_02 welcome to Jonah 0x900AB4CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OC01_03 welcome to Seabreeze Telecommunications 0xB00AA0CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OC01_04 welcome to Anaheim Oceanic Research 0x900A4CCE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OC01_05 welcome to Tidal Wave Amusement Park 0xB00A58CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OL01_01 welcome to Mount Olympus 0xB05A08C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OL01_02 welcome to Pantheon 0x905A74C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OL01_03 welcome to guyus temple 0xB05A60C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OL01_04 welcome to Titans Playground 0x905A8CC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OL01_05 welcome to Palace of the Gods 0xB05A98C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OR01_01 welcome to Origin 0xB09B88CC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_OT01_01 welcome to Diego Garcia 0xB08408C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PA01_01 welcome to NeverNeverLand 0x94C0394B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PA01_02 welcome to Roundabout 0xB4C0454B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PA01_03 welcome to Dickens Cider 0x94C0514B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PA01_04 welcome to Celibacy Counciling 0xB4C0BD4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PO01_01 welcome to Flatulence Research 0x9495B944.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PO01_02 welcome to Deadmeats Roadkill kaf ay 0xB495C544.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PO01_03 welcome to Hoss' Rodeo 0x9495D144.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PO01_04 welcome to Kitties Saloon 0xB4953D44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PO01_05 welcome to FD13s Grill and Grease 0x94952944.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PR01_01 welcome to Planet Crisco 0x945BF94C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PR01_02 welcome to pose siden 0xB45B854C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PR01_03 welcome to kaf een express 0x945B914C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PR01_04 welcome to call on aid park 0xB45B7D4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_PR01_05 welcome to Provo Steelworks 0x945B694C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_QU01_01 welcome to Robbers Roost 0x91013BC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RA01_01 welcome to Moscow 0x9E403C4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RA01_02 welcome to Saint Petersburg 0xBE40404B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RA01_03 welcome to Siberia 0x9E40544B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RA01_04 welcome to Backdoor Specialities 0xBE40B84B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RA01_05 welcome to Highlifes Daredevil Adventures 0x9E40AC4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RE01_01 welcome to Planet Godiva 0x9E553C41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RE01_02 welcome to Mojo Rising 0xBE554041.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RE01_03 welcome to Wardogs Armory 0x9E555441.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RE01_04 welcome to Superior Gallows 0xBE55B841.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RG01_01 welcome to Escape Island 0x9E5FBC44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RM01_01 welcome to Planet Shining 0x9E1F3C41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RM01_02 welcome to The Outlook Hotel 0xBE1F4041.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RM01_03 welcome to Nightshades Potions 0x9E1F5441.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RM01_04 welcome to 101 Ways to Die 0xBE1FB841.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RM01_05 welcome to Demons Attack Dogs 0x9E1FAC41.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RN01_01 welcome to Faramander 0x9E10FC46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RN01_02 welcome to planet moe hawv 0xBE108046.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RN01_03 welcome to Northridge Police Academy 0x9E109446.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RN01_04 welcome to Truth or Dare Headquarters 0xBE107846.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RN01_05 welcome to vinees real estate 0x9E106C46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RO01_01 welcome to Transylvania 0x9E15BC44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RO01_02 welcome to Schmanet, Janet 0xBE15C044.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RO01_03 welcome to Timewarp Station 0x9E15D444.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RO01_04 welcome to Frank N Furter Food Stand 0xBE153844.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RO01_05 welcome to Vestal Violators 0x9E152C44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RP01_01 welcome to Kansas City 0x9ED17C49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RP01_02 welcome to Dunbar Corona Research 0xBED10049.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RR01_01 welcome to Graceland 0x9EDBFC4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RR01_02 welcome to Jimi Hendrix Experience 0xBEDB804C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RR01_03 welcome to Rolling Stones UnderVerse Tour 0x9EDB944C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RR01_04 welcome to Max Yasgurs Farm 0xBEDB784C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RR01_05 welcome to cheeses diner 0x9EDB6C4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_01 welcome to ree no 0x9ECEFC46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_02 welcome to Bloomingdales 0xBECE8046.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_03 welcome to see zars palace 0x9ECE9446.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_04 welcome to Golden Nugget 0xBECE7846.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_05 welcome to Slots O Fun 0x9ECE6C46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_06 welcome to Casino Royale 0xBECE1046.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_07 welcome to MGM Grand 0x9ECE0446.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_RV01_08 welcome to Stardust Casino 0xBECFC846.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SA01_01 welcome to Bartertown 0x9B003ECB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SA01_02 welcome to Thunderdome 0xBB0042CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SA01_03 welcome to Tomorrow Morrow Land 0x9B0056CB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SA01_04 welcome to Wasteland 0xBB00BACB.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SD01_01 welcome to Gantry Spacestation 0x9B107EC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SD01_02 welcome to Planet Strand 0xBB1002C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SD01_03 welcome to Kimbleton Mining 0x9B1016C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SN01_01 welcome to Running of the Bulls 0x9B50FEC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SN01_02 welcome to Planet Madrid 0xBB5082C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SN01_03 welcome to Gibraltar Border Station 0x9B5096C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SN01_04 welcome to gran can aria 0xBB507AC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SN01_05 welcome to fla menko dance studio 0x9B506EC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_01 welcome to Solitude 0x9B9EBECE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_02 welcome to Planet Morello 0xBB9EC2CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_03 welcome to Atmospheric Control Systems 0x9B9ED6CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_04 welcome to Mercy Hospital 0xBB9E3ACE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_05 welcome to Bess' Music Emporium 0x9B9E2ECE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_01 welcome to Big Momma 0x9B8EFEC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_02 welcome to T Rex 0xBB8E82C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_03 welcome to Moby Dick 0x9B8E96C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_04 welcome to Godzilla 0xBB8E7AC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_05 welcome to Macys Department Store 0x9B8E6EC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SW01_01 welcome to zur ick 0x9B8BBEC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SW01_02 welcome to gen eve ah 0xBB8BC2C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SW01_03 welcome to Rolex Factory 0x9B8BD6C4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SW01_04 welcome to Bern 0xBB8B3AC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SW01_05 welcome to luce urn 0x9B8B2EC4.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SX01_01 welcome to Travisty 0x9BDB7EC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SX01_02 welcome to Planet Ludwig 0xBBDB02C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SX01_03 welcome to hubble bay pee nal facility 0x9BDB16C9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SX01_04 welcome to Public Enemy1s Bail Bonds 0xBBDBFAC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SX01_05 welcome to Flaming Eddies Chili Stand 0x9BDBEEC9.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TA01_01 welcome to ah keel eon 0x81C0334B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TA01_02 welcome to tore us three 0xA1C04F4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TA01_03 welcome to Shepards Chapel 0x81C05B4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TA01_04 welcome to Imperial Bodyguard Academy 0xA1C0B74B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TA01_05 welcome to das boat 0x81C0A34B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TB01_01 welcome to sake red heart 0x81CFF34C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TB01_02 welcome to Planet Calamari 0xA1CF8F4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TB01_03 welcome to Rons Power Plant Tuning 0x81CF9B4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TB01_04 welcome to Moonbeam Studios 0xA1CF774C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TB01_05 welcome to Backgases Refinery 0x81CF634C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TF01_01 welcome to chess shire 0x81DAF346.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TF01_02 welcome to note ra dom 0xA1DA8F46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TF01_03 welcome to hogues chapel 0x81DA9B46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TF01_04 welcome to Forestry Consultants 0xA1DA7746.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TF01_05 welcome to Williamsburg Settlement 0x81DA6346.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TH01_01 welcome to gantris six 0x818F7349.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TH01_02 welcome to eye your 0xA18F0F49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TH01_03 welcome to Zerus 0x818F1B49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TH01_04 welcome to The Swarm 0xA18FF749.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TO01_01 welcome to Amsterdam 0x8195B344.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TO01_02 welcome to Jack Rabbit Slims 0xA195CF44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TO01_03 welcome to Zeds Pawn Shop 0x8195DB44.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TO01_04 welcome to Mia's Foot Massages 0xA1953744.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TO01_05 welcome to Big Kahuna Burgers 0x81952344.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TR01_01 welcome to Planet Palatine 0x815BF34C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TR01_02 welcome to Florence 0xA15B8F4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TR01_03 welcome to Gladiator Spring Camp 0x815B9B4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TR01_04 welcome to Genoa 0xA15B774C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_TR01_05 welcome to Augusta 0x815B634C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UK01_01 welcome to key ev 0x84C0B1CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UK01_02 welcome to Planet Carpathian 0xA4C0CDCE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UK01_03 welcome to Chateau Morrisette 0x84C0D9CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UK01_04 welcome to Kerch 0xA4C035CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UL01_01 welcome to Planet Ursa Luna 0x84DA71C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UL01_02 welcome to tan jeers 3 0xA4DA0DC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UL01_03 welcome to Newtonian Institute 0x84DA19C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UL01_04 welcome to Max Slam 0xA4DAF5C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UL01_05 welcome to tan jeers pee nal colony 0x84DAE1C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UT01_01 welcome to martin eek 0x840471C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UT01_02 welcome to planet amore e 0xA4040DC3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UT01_03 welcome to Marys Flowers 0x840419C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UT01_04 welcome to Timmys Plumbing 0xA404F5C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UT01_05 welcome to The Love Boat 0x8404E1C3.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UV01_01 welcome to Planet U V 6 0x840EF1C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UV01_02 welcome to Planet U V 1 0xA40E8DC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UV01_03 welcome to Fort Sumpter 0x840E99C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UV01_04 welcome to Cheechs Shrooms 0xA40E75C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_UV01_05 welcome to Interdimensional Research 0x840E61C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VA01_01 welcome to zie on 0x8B40364B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VA01_02 welcome to Red Storm 0xAB404A4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VA01_03 welcome to Psychic Detective Agency 0x8B405E4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VA01_04 welcome to dee is sides dungeon 0xAB40B24B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VA01_05 welcome to Galactic Bonds 0x8B40A64B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VE01_01 welcome to UnderVerse 0x8B553641.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_01 welcome to ad a laid 0x8B0A364B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_02 welcome to mel burn 0xAB0A4A4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_03 welcome to Yarra 0x8B0A5E4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_04 welcome to Bendigo 0xAB0AB24B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_05 welcome to Rob2s Outback Adventures 0x8B0AA64B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VN01_01 welcome to Vatican City 0x8B10F646.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VN01_02 welcome to Sistine Chapel 0xAB108A46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VN01_03 welcome to Palace of Saint Charles 0x8B109E46.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VN01_04 welcome to Saint Peters' Obelisk 0xAB107246.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VP01_01 welcome to Planet Gringot 0x8BD17649.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VP01_02 welcome to Gettysburg Settlement 0xABD10A49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VP01_03 welcome to Bank of Scotland 0x8BD11E49.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VP01_04 welcome to outback caf hey 0xABD1F249.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VP01_05 welcome to Christopher Reeve Hospital 0x8BD1E649.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VZ01_01 welcome to sol track seventeen bee 0x8B91F64C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VZ01_02 welcome to Fusions Forge 0xAB918A4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VZ01_03 welcome to Lucky Cab Company 0x8B919E4C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VZ01_04 welcome to Intra System Freight 0xAB91724C.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_WU01_01 welcome to Wunderland 0x8E8134C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_WU01_02 welcome to Alpha Centauri 0xAE8148C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_WU01_03 welcome to Amnesty 0x8E815CC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_WU01_04 welcome to Verm ear Manufacturing 0xAE81B0C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_WU01_05 welcome to Alice's Restaurant 0x8E81A4C1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_06 welcome to Special Fighters 0xBB8E12C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_07 welcome to Special Bombers 0x9B8E06C6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_08 welcome to Special Cruisers 0xBB8FCAC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_09 welcome to Special Battleships 0x9B8FDEC6.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_10 welcome to Special Quests 0xBB8AEACC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SV01_11 welcome to Special Freighters 0x9B8AFECC.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CM01_06 welcome to Wyno's Battleship 0xAF5FBAC1.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_SS01_06 welcome to Fathom's Keep 0xBB9E52CE.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_VI01_06 welcome to Bobby's Basement 0xAB0ADA4B.wav
GCS_ML_W02aF_CH01_06 welcome to Fire ant's Hill 0xAF4FFAC9.wav


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