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 Post subject: Monkey Universe 2.42 - A Troubled Era
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 5:59 pm 
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[align=center]Monkey Universe 2.42 - A Troubled Era

The Nomad threat has not gone away they are gaining strength and the relentless pressures are taking their toll on the Robots, Monkeys, Order and House governments. The Nomads have already gained further footholds in once protected systems. Their keen intelligence has allowed them to undertake a thorough analysis of the tactics of their foes giving them a new perspective and enhanced fighting skills.

With these new skills they have a renewed vigour and are amassing a force of juggernaut proportions.

However their foe has not been idle, tighter links between humans, Robots and Monkeys have been forged. New embassies have been positioned to allow close liasion of battle plans amongst the strengthed anti-Nomad alliance. This increasing cooperation has also allowed the development and comissioning of new and improved ships the likes of which Nomads have not dreamt of.

The Robots have also forged links with the once rag tag band of mercenaries helping them colonise and populate a new system right on the Nomads doorstep. This new system, Robot 2, provides this newly hired army a haven to assemble fleets, repair ships and make necessary adjustments to their armaments.

The question now is do you have what it takes?
Are you good enough to help face an alien threat that threatens the entire population of Sirius?
........The Nomads are here and here they intend to stay.
The future is in your hands, can you make the difference?

The 2.42 mod is due for release on Saturday 22nd December.

It will feature the following additions and changes

- NPCs now made even tougher, now use strafing, engine kill and reverse thrust to outwit you. If you like capships watch out for their torps.
- Robot 2 system added with customised bases never seen on any server before.
- A 5-system haven for our "Cheeky Monkey" project aimed at allowing the younger players to play and "learn the ropes" in safety.
- Tachyon ship pack number 1 added.
- Marauder lootship and new Liberty "Avenger" capship added.[/center]
- All ships rebalanced and reclassified.
- 11 new weps added and all weps rebalanced.
- 24 new bases.
- 700 new infocards.
- Many systems changed and somewhat empty areas have been filled.
- Mission payouts increased up to a max 2.1 mill.
- NPC relationships and ship choice adjusted to reflect story development.
- Nomad unleashed powers have moved jumpholes.
- All clan equipment moved to the "pilot planets".
- Planet Hokkaido added .
- Commodity market stripped down, rationalised and rebuilt.


Special thanks to:

Firstly Tiger for finding us an awesome server host and for keeping the place running. Also for all the amazing bases he has created, the work to the npcs and to the empathy.ini.
To Druid for all the hardwork put into rebalancing and reclassing the ships as well as all the work he did with shields engins and gun/turret mounts
To Dragnite for typing in billions of infocards, NPCs, bartenders and compiling the mod together out of loose files.
To Tunicle for commodity market rebuild and new ships.
To Dark Angel for his unique new pirate base design.
To Bonobo for the work on the new weps and rebalance of the old ones.
To Athenos our youngest modder at the age of 13 for creating the Cheeky Monkey faction.

Also thanks to all of the beta testers and for all the time and effort you were able to put into helping us with it.

Another big thankyou to the MP's who kept the place running and to the entire Monkey Universe community for sticking with us and for managing without us throughout the modding process.

Also thanks to Gibbon, Bejaymac and Nightstalker for allowing us the use of the Tachyon ship pack.

Thankyou to Blackhole for the Robot2 danger and battle music.[/align]

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