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 Post subject: Monkey Universe 2.45 patch
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 9:00 am 
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The MU develops and a certain sign is this version number :)

- Fixed Unmountable weapons and equipment
- Fixed capship docking issues
- Fixed some weps damage and energy drain values
- Rebuilt Giants Causeway
- Added Robots scanning for nomad equipment
- Fixed Freki Generator Problem
- Fixed Crusader Speed Issue
- Added Cyclops and Atlas Monkey and Robot Freighters
- Tweaked Empathy.ini
- Tweaked Nomad 2 Difficulty
- Fixed Mining Ship Handling
- Tweaked Devil's Sea Gas Pockets To Do Damage
- Added Corvus [HoG] Fighter
- Added Instadeath Wep Platforms Around Canada Jumphole In Cheeky Central
- Added Counter Measures to small transport
- Fixed CMP files for Bomber Class Ships
- Added Clan Pilots To New Clan Bases
- Added Weps and Equipment To New Clan Bases
- Added Commodities To All Stations That Had None
- Added Ships To Bases That Had None
- Fixed Battleship Dock Problem In Omicron Major
- Fixed Wrong Engine On Mystere
- Fixed Some Bases Not Showing Goods For Sale In Infocard
- Fixed Buccaneer Infocard
- Fixed Nepthys Infocard Error
- Fixed Battleaxe Mount Error
- Tweaked Nomad Clan Fighter Maneuvering Values
- Added and Edited Encounters In Robot 2
- Added Robot 2 Music
- Added shipdealer to robot interface centre
- Fixed Serafina turret mounts
- Fixed Sabre 2
- Fixed Anubis 2
- fixed Anubis infocard
- Fixed Mystere engine and infocard
- Fixed Triton infocard
- Fixed Marauder infocard
- Fixed Conquistador
- Fixed Hammerhead infoacrds
- Fixed privateer
- Fixed sabre
- Fixed bounty hunter engine infocard
- Fixed Thoth
- Added player_cargo_pod
- Restored deafult settings to npc cargo pods
- Fixed floating shield on king tiger
- Edited system lighting in colosseum
- Edited starter ships
- Edited emp prototype mk 2
- Couriers and escort prices reduced
- Freight Train model changed, shiparch, goods and infocards changed to match
- Crusher and Amun cmp's edited shiparch and good packages edited to match
- Small transport cmp shiparch, goods updated
- Changed generator on Marauder
- Edited some mooring fixtues
- Edited freighter turrets
- Tweaked torpedos

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