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Thanks to the following for contributions to this site: Soupman, Shark, Grim Reaper, Riot, DwnUndr


The UnderVerse 12.3, ninth release
by Team RIP
copyright 2007-2020

***This mod took a lot of work and shall not be copied or modified by anyone without our written permission***
If you are having trouble installing this mod, first save your player ID number, deactivate everything in FLMM, delete the entire Freelancer folder, and install a fresh copy. You do NOT need to add any patches (like the 1.1 patch, any SDK or the Quickfix). Also delete the contents of your \Accts\SinglePlayer folder as the restart.fl file contains information which is not compatible across different mods.
We have created tutorials as we built this mod. They can be found at No one else may host these tutorials, but feel free to pass the above url for your friends to find it.
If you use Vista, Win7 or Win 8, then you must install FLMM (Freelancer Mod Manager) as Administrator and run it as Administrator when you unpack and activate any mod or it will not work properly. It is best to install Freelancer somewhere other than in the Programs folder, like C:\Freelancer.

The UnderVerse Manual is your guide to the UnderVerse. Don't sell it! An Admin, called a ~Purifier~, will give you money for it once you have read it. Please visit our website at for a full description of each faction.

Now, onto the story!
Based on the Chronicles of Riddick, we take you slightly into the future from the end of the third movie. It is now 30 years since Riddick sat on the throne and became the Necromonger leader. One of the first things he did was to stop the advance of the fleet into more territories and had them fall back to home space. Then he freed all who remained from the truely demolished worlds, Furyans being the first. Once news of this surfaced, other non-purified survivors began returning to their home systems to start the slow process of re-population. Riddick himself disappeared 15 years ago, his whereabouts and fate unknown.
Now the houses are stirring again.
Now the war drums are sounding again.
Where will you be when it all starts again?!


This 12.3 release features a new system called Sprauge as well as numerous additions in older systems. Through several slights-of-hand I finally got a few things to work here. Activating the Railgun in the Strand system brings you to

the interior of Planet Sprauge, first to the Transfer Station, an enlargement of one of the vanilla bays, then into the Planet Core. You can fly into and around the Core Base. Many of the rooms are also from vanilla selections with

many additions made by DwnUndr. Just like when I made the Illumnion planet cave system in the previous release, making the walls solid was a major challenge, please forgive any imperfections.

Planet Sprague was damaged heavily in history and was abandoned. Years later miners discovered the riches inside the planet and began to carve it from the inside so as to not release the toxic alien organisms. Centuries later the planet

is nearly hollow and old established bases have a heavy presence. The interior is also haunted by millenia old races, tread quietly in those areas. The Miner's Guild security forces attempt to keep those dreaded forces away from the

populated areas, you are on your own in the void.

For extensive exploring or fighting inside the Core Base I recommend switching to our special Mine shield as it smooths out the wall grabbing and noise.

Thanks to Soupman for adding even more voices (well over 5000 so far) and base billboards for this release. He has also updated all of the forums at multiple sites for this release!


Rules for the UnderVerse version 12.3
Thanks to [RIP]Oddjob for cleaning these up.

This is the quick version of the rules. You are responsible for knowing them all so check out the full version at once you have settled in.

The UnderVerse is a Role Play Game (RPG) with a description of details within the rules. This is not a role play 'ONLY' server. We understand some games are for role play only but not here. It has been proven for years that our membership has enjoyed the best enjoyment experience from all players learning when to be 'in character' and when to 'be out of character'.

All players are expected to show respect and social interaction in the game, on the website, in chat, and on Ventrilo according to the rules. It is not the intention of this game to provide a place for people to become adversely affected by role play that involves violent aggression. Players must know how to control themselves when it is time to be 'out of the role play character'.

Our admins are called ~Purifier~ and ~Regulator~. Once you read this manual you can trade it to them for $5 million in credits. Warning: if you keep it too long and your ship gets destroyed, you will lose it.

New players should turn their music up to 50% and listen to the voices outside Planet Origin and at each of the five wormholes you will find there. We HIGHLY recommend you take the jump into the Merchant Alley, the other wormholes go into very tough territory for a new player. You can't return to the Origin.
How do you earn credits ($) in the UV? Shoot the red npcs for good lootdrops, mine in our asteroid fields, loot our wrecks, ask someone about a good trade run or take missions. We also have lucrative events weekly.
Our ships and gear look expensive, but once you get going you can make $150 million/hour doing some of the above. Heck, you can make $75 million just entering various events. More if you do well. Merchants can sell you the best fighter shields, thrusters and armor.

Did I mention the full rules are on the website? :)

1) No one may use the names Riddick or Vin Diesel, they are reserved for the real McCoy should he ever come to visit us.

2) Freelancers: If you are not a member of a Clan, simply use your Freelancer name and enjoy yourself. If you are a member of a clan feel free to use your clan tag at the front of your name (except as listed below).

3) Mercenaries: Any player can accept money or items to kill another player. Real men will add a [MERC] tag to the end of their name. Faction members can't add [MERC], obviously.

4) Pirates: Pirates are allowed here only if they are FIRST approved by the admins. Then you will be tagged [X]PilotName[X]. You will be rep'd RED to all Faction players and their Faction npcs. ALL of your pilots must carry this tag. It is highly recommended that you get several good ships and lots of cash before you undertake this role.

5) Major Factions: After you play here awhile you will notice we have four Major Fighting Factions plus Merchants. You must be here a week after posting in the 'Hello' thread and then you can apply to the admins to form your own Faction team.

6) Taxing: Only Pirates (anywhere) and Faction members (in their Faction Space) can tax other players. This can be done once per hour.

7) These are some of the things that are not allowed:
Blockading inside Faction spaces,
Dock raping,
Repeat killing,
Vulgar language,
Disrupting an event,
Shooting at a player under level 10 unless they shoot first,
Shooting at a player inside an event or special system (except as allowed during the event).

8) Event and Special systems: No role play fighting is allowed in the following systems; Either chat system, the Origin, the four systems in each of the North and South 'Road to Glory' areas, the UnderVerse system, and the two NPC Challenge Arenas. Furthermore, no interference of any kind is allowed in those last 11 of those 14 mentioned systems, physical or verbal.

Did I mention the full rules are on the website? :)


The UnderVerse in flight:

First, turn your music up a bit! We have audio messages in many places and other special sounds as well. ;)
We decided that planet diving and Sun diving is in poor taste. Doing it while running from a fight will rapidly earn you an unwanted reputation, So will F1'ing out of a fight.
However, we all know that sometimes you may be loaded with valuable cargo in a ship that can't stand up to a fighter. Your reputation is your own, decide how you must.
You will start out friendly with most custom npc's. For the most part, killing any red with you is good, few other npc factions will become hostile as a result. As always, killing non-red npc's may result in you having to get a bribe to get friendly with them again.
NPC Challenge Arenas: Welcome to a new concept (as far as I know)! No longer do you have to take missions just to beat up on the residents of the UnderVerse. There are two of these systems on opposite sides of the 'verse with different NPC's in each (hint, heh). When you jump in you will see multiple trade lanes branching off marked "3 challenges', '5 challenges', etc. Choose how many you wish to fight and jump into the trade lane and engage. Your reward will be the loot they drop. If you wish comrades to join in the fights, that is fine. Do NOT interfere where you have not been invited.
North and South 'Road to Glory' areas: These two areas have four systems each. You must traverse the first three to get to the fourth. The catch? The wormholes to the next are heavily guarded. It seems the only way through is to take missions for the system residents. The rewards? The opportunity to buy Ultra VHF's, Battleships, Cruisers and Bombers. Do NOT interfere where you have not been invited.
The Mosh Pit!!! Feeling frosty?! ;) The two entrances to this system each have a planet to dock at before traveling to the center of the system. There lies the Central Stage, complete with strobe lights and head banging music. This is a free-for-all arena. All bets are off if you enter here, anyone can attack anyone regardless of alignment (except [non]pilots, under rank 10 pilots, admins). Need a little excitement? Here it is! No whining if you get whacked in your freighter if you used this system as a shortcut.
The Graveyard: Here lies the remnants of the Coalsack system, another Necromonger victory. Beware of the extremely high radiation while you search the wrecks of various ships here.
Fame or Shame: The Destructable bases system...This special place has four bases. While you can play here with your friends anytime you want to, times will also be set for admin-run events with nice payouts to the participants. Ship restrictions will be up to the Admins.


Many thanks to:

FlyByU for adding many of the missions in the UnderVerse, for the armor mod and bribes explanations and for pointing out the Hi01_to_Ew02_hole and back problem and fix.
**Aldebarans Modular Station Resource One and II**
Thanks to Aldebaran and the Freeworlds Development Team for providing this incredible resource! Visit them at
Aldebaran's Plastic Surgery Kit One, thanks to Aldebaran again!
NASA and the Hubble Telescope for the universe NAV map image
The Lancer's Reactor for being a central place for modding discussions
Argh for his Toolkit 1.3 and his Pretty Planet project!
Shsan for Freelancer Explorer
warzog for his NPC (robot) voice error fixes
Zen and Giskard for their DLL creation tutorials
Giskard for his system building tutorial
Accushot for his words of wisdom and for FLScan
Chips for his immense help answering questions and explanation of new factions, and his new Pathfinding Utility!
Matthew 'IGx89' Lieder for Freelancer Mod Manager
Wanderer and Matthew ' IGx89 ' Lieder for docking hints
Glock36 for fixing stock dreadnought errors
SE_HellFire for Datastorm and his email comments
Cold_Void for docking hints, asteroid bounce parameters and dynamic lighting for projectiles
Dev for his awesome "Limit Breaking 101" thread! Also for helping us with the B5 jumpgate and cmp/sur tutorials
Bejaymac for his OSP mod and the hints in it. Also all his helpful posts, for the numbers to rename existing factions and his ship conversions as well as envmap fix
BlazeME for his level 100 patch, invisible jh's (and more!)
Dawn for the info about making systems from scratch
bluecat for Freelancer INI Analyzer (FLIA)
Esquilax for the Tizona del Cid fix
Rankor for his Battleship handling tips
?? for the explosion fuse of the Osiris (comes with FLMM)
Phantomwolf for explaining steering torque, drag and inertia
Louva Deus and the entire =EOA= Team for all of their utilities including FLMM, SDK, Quick Fix 1.0c and Video Hardware Update
Gregstar 2k and Aegir for the extended keyset.
Dave Charnow for the gigantic custom station, Deep Space 9 (edit, not used yet)
Unib5 for the system name 'Maelstrom' for his missions tutorial
bakedpotato for his tutorials and answers
Angus Johnson for Resource Hacker
Dixi for FLEd-ids
Microsoft and Digital Anvil for this wonderful game!
Anton for CRC Tool Beta 2
Futuristic M1 for his tutorial on creating new voice messages
Fox Unit 01 for expanding the launch voice range, great work!
Lancer Solurus for his Server player file cleaner, FL Error Checker (FLEC), DB Hash CRC Calculator, custom mission tutorial, fixes to the UVmanual crash when sold, the Clan Editor and the ALE editor!
StarTrader for his ship handling tweaks, fixes for voice error messages and his custom sur tutorial
Mischa for the dw15.exe fix and CDlite
fox for the LOOT_UNSEEN_RADIUS info and "Good luck out there" info. Also for launching speed
Dragnite for server and anti-cheat help as well as getting commodities to show. Also bribe descriptions and Capitol ship hull and shield fixes
corpse for the hint with FLmodeltool and disappearing textures
Realistic Battleship Mod. Converted by IGx89
Mace_166 for his FANTASTIC tutorial on new factions!
Dracon and Nephilim for the Blackhole effects
FriendlyFire for his FLDEV tool
[EFS]Eagle_General for the fix to the Bretonia Battleship fuse
w0dk4 for the docking ring exploit fix and the anti_ddos.dll
mc_horst for the updates to FLHook
Worfeh for the hint that got the NPC Challenge Arenas working correctly, particle poolsizes
Strail and Mindhunter for clarifying client vs server files
F!R for his model conversion tutorial and CMP exporter
fusedgore for his outhouse model at turbosquid
Devest8or for the sur splicer utility
Buck Danny for his 'Trying to understand Encounters" pdf tutorial and sound archetype fixes
Nightstalker and MarkyD for the Viper ship pack
Gibbon for missing weapon FX and help with our B5 jumpgate. And a tutorial on Nebula exclusion zones. And his glowmap tutorial.
mknote for explaining 'field' in vignettes
M0tah for his patch for applying custom house names to each system. Also for finding the offset to increase the waypoint size. Also for the missile to cmp damage fix. Also for extending the number of lines of chat history and the number of characters in the chat box. Nice work!
Eagle, for FLAC! Also for hints on making this mod compatible. If you wish to make your mod able to use this awesome utility, visit him at
TheXtreme for Capitol ship hull and shield fixes
Doc Brown and Iceman from the North Quadrant for their modding questions help
Haenlomal for his wreck tutorial
Sushi for helping us with the B5 jumpgate and cmp/sur tutorials. Also for the tutorial for getting ship wireframes to show.
Babylon 5 JumpGate, Freeware Copyright 1998-1999, Marco J. Cavet.
Wanderer for his asteroid mining loot drops information
Archangel for his menu color file list
Cheese on Toast for helping to decipher the last menu color errors
Adoxa for helping to decipher the last menu color errors, decoding the font colors and the ranking system hex edit. Also for creating new ship classes. What a genius!! And more, for showing Current Worth in Multiplayer! Plus extending the trade range. And now for the turret zoom. And the ALE tutorial. And for removing shield and hull ship shake. Also for relative speed after launching from a station. Also for removing erroneous random mission messages. And adding reputation to wormholes. Disabling some old spew warnings and mp3 codec warnings. I have also added the jflp.dll
Roo-Avery for his continued attempts to spread the word of this great game!
alphawolf (coder at Eagle utopia) for some of the FLAC plugins and help
Bulldog (coder at Eagle utopia) for some of the FLAC plugins and help
Bobby for his Interactive UnderVerse map, his work on getting Global Stats working and his work on Special Systems. He wrote 99% the News items and spearheaded a thread to get others to write some, he figured out colors in infocards, he made the new News Vendor opening sound, he cleaned up some audio wavs too. And now he is writing FLAC plugins! These are: /suicide, /boldsystemchat (/bsc), /rules, /showevents and, for admins, /banners, /events and /showrules. For 2.26 he added new sounds to the rooms while docked as well as many new icons in the huds.
AlphaWolf (coder on Eagle's site) for the FLAC /uptime command, now available for players too!
Christoph Gerber for the Ge03 'Distant Shores' loadscreen (modified by [RIP]Soupman) and his permission to use and modify it.
[(V\ET]Fathom for the 'Wyno's Flight' song, placed at Wyno's Vineyards.
foxUnit01 for hints on how to enlarge the jumpgate animation tunnels, for maintaining the Dev101 lists and for the Dynamic headlights.
Gray Mouser for translating the 2.24 and 2.25 rules into German.
Goultek for translating our rules into French and he (Alexander Strasser) and his father (Gottfried Strasser) for upgrading the rule changes for 2.25 and 2.26. Goultek has also flown all the systems to give us an updated full map for admins and any players willing to pay the price. He has also created a slew of server admin programs for Soupman and I to use, thanks! The new intro movie was made by him as well as about 300 new rumours!
Schmackbolzen for his wonderful obj_sur_converter tool. Awesome!
David Twohy for the splash screen artwork used in 2.28
Brad Bolthouse for LithUnWrap
The Gatekeeper for creating the 2.25 and 2.26 Quests! He also made the custom textures for both ships used as prizes.
moosetim for providing the Ship Broker voice for Bobby to make the room-change audio
Nephilim, Truga, Roo Avery, Gibbon, khayman for the tutorials for inserting NPC Battleship fleets
khayman, robocop for optlist upgrades and Bobby for inserting them
M1C and Cannon for FlScanII
Skotty for help with custom sur files
Sushi and Devast8tor (and others?) for the Cons/Fix fix
Atan for upgrades to his Descent3 editor that allowed me to do some of the wonderful things in 2.28 and 2.29
Why485 for the tutorial on duplicating ALE effects
Ozed for the Dynamic Headlight tutorial
Insurrectionist for the texture used for Planet Illumnion
brianmccumber, aka Max for working on the face and helmet for the Conquest Icon
burzelmann for the technique to get new decks to show up ingame
Thanks to The-Starport and OP-R8R for keeping the two incarnations of Lancers Reactor alive where I still get hints from to this day
Thanks to Pook and CW for the FLOrientation calculator
DMZ for the new Auto Pilot feature. Train your ship by flying a route once, then it can fly it automatically through multiple systems by itself! Of course, you can still be disrupted by the denizens of the UnderVerse. Read the AutoPilot_Oct2016_Readme.txt in the root folder for instructions.
DMZ for improvements made to FLAC! Like /autobuy ALL. Also he removed the registration requirements, with permission from Eagle, so anyone can try FLAC now.
Thanks to whomever made the digsite landing bay. I pulled it out, enlarged it, added the missing backfaces so it could be flown around and added some of my own. This became the landing room for Planet Sprauge, brought back to 'life'.
Adoxa's JFLP has now been added. It will help with screen sizing and tabbing out. Read the jflpdll.txt in the root folder for instructions.
DirtyThree for her many accomplishments. Rest in Peace dear.



Many of these ships were purchased as models by [RIP]Riot and converted to fly by [RIP]Wyno and [RIP]Fusion. They also tweaked the remaining ones to suit our needs. Many thanks to the members of the Freelancer community who have made these ships available!

Leviathan- Source file Creator Rigz from Hardpoints by TheExtreme

Scavenger- Source file Creator shuriken82 from

Creator jsnscalif11 from
BhElite Light
BhElite Heavy
The Racer

U-571 Yamato Space by blackraven37 Product ID: 305586 from

Antaeus and Camara- Models and Textures by Konflict

Augar shippack:
Chimera au4_elite2
Invincible au11_elite2
Protector au9_elite2
Shipkiller au1_elite2
Spaceball1 au10_freighter
Terminator au2_elite2
Boxer au8_elite2
Saucer au5_freighter

Banzai Maru - 3DHeaven
ravensclaw2 - Firebase

GLADIUS and TARSUS- Drifting ghost-6

GALAXY- Astral Prime Studios

Starviper- APS shipyards

Slipstream- Firebase

Longsword was in a folder called WASSUP1444445 Wanderer-1 with no readme file. We used this model in the following ships: MKII, MKIII, Longsword and Cannon.

Otarius and Katanna- Xtreme Team Studios *XTS Ship Pack V1.0**
Model & Texture created by XTS ImperaTodd, Hardpoints done by XTS TheXtreme

Darkangel- Xtreme Team Studios Model and Textures by: Solarie
Hardpoints / Sur by: TheXtreme

Deadelus- Xtreme Team Studios Model & Textures Made by XTS Rankor
HardPoints & Sur By XTS TheXtreme

Viscous Strike, Arcudia and Command by Xtreme Team Studios

The Proteus Heavy Battleship- Xtreme Team Studios Model & Texture created by Todd
Hardpoints & Script done by TheXtreme.

Riots purchased ship pack for the following ships can be found here: ... -shots.htm. License agreement can be found here Created by 3DRT.
Thanks to [RIP]Wyno and [RIP]Fusion for making them fly! Names by Wyno:
Predator SF-04
Raptor SF-05
Fang MKII SF-06
Fang SF-06SP
Crossbow SF-07
Cutty SF-08_BluGre
Claw SF-08_Ru
Mech SF-09
Skittle SF-11
Bluebird SF-12
Warthog SF-13_175
Warpig SF-14
Poink SF-15
Streak SF-16a
Prong SF-17
Greywolf SF-18a
Stealth SF-19_175
Moss SF-20
Arachnid SF-21
Reddog SF-22
Hornet, 2, 3, 4 SF-23
Hornet MKII SF-23SG
Goth SF-105

Vanilla ships converted by [RIP]Wyno (Stinker's Shipwrights) and [RIP]Fusion (Fusion's Forge):
Exterminator MKII

- Viper MKII, Model, mesh and textures by MarkyD
- Viper MKIII, Model, mesh and textures by MarkyD
- Viper MKII & III skins by Nightstalker

These ships are named in the UV as:

Galactica Mk2
Galactica Mk3

Three additional ships converted By Fusion and Wyno from vanilla Nomad ships:
Whack-A-Mole (for events only)
Squid Battleship
Squid VHF

Ships added for the 2.24 release:

Archangel, from the GIZMO STUDIOS Tachyon the Fringe Ship pack number 1 by Gibbon, Lancers Reactor, Bejaymac and Nightstalker
GalacticaMkV, from the GIZMO STUDIOS Tachyon the Fringe Ship pack number 1 by Gibbon, Lancers Reactor, Bejaymac and Nightstalker
Guardian, from the GIZMO STUDIOS Tachyon the Fringe Ship pack number 1 by Gibbon, Lancers Reactor, Bejaymac and Nightstalker
Pegasus, from the GIZMO STUDIOS Tachyon the Fringe Ship pack number 1 by Gibbon, Lancers Reactor, Bejaymac and Nightstalker
Mace, from the GIZMO STUDIOS Tachyon the Fringe Ship pack number 1 by Gibbon, Lancers Reactor, Bejaymac and Nightstalker
RevengeMKII, mesh and textures by MarkyD, skin by Nightstalker
ValkyrieMKII, mesh and textures by MarkyD, skin by Nightstalker
Devourer, by Xtreme Team Studios, ImperaTodd, The Xtreme and Solarie aka TG
Dart, by Xtreme Team Studios, ImperaTodd, The Xtreme and Solarie aka TG
Tranquilizer, by Xtreme Team Studios, ImperaTodd, The Xtreme and Solarie aka TG
Ugly, from Mancer's SW Shippack 4 by Mancer, Thierry Moteau and Crabtree
Dependable, from Mancer's SW Shippack 4 by Mancer, Thierry Moteau and Crabtree
Ebonhawk, from Mancer's SW Shippack 4 by Mancer, Thierry Moteau and Crabtree
Mantis Screamer, Creator jsnscalif11 from
Ragnarok, by Ryuujin and Squaresoft
HornetMK3, Riots purchased ship pack for the following ships can be found here: ... -shots.htm. License agreement can be found here Created by 3DRT, edited by [RIP]Wyno

Ships added for the 2.25 release:

Pyro GL
Pyro GX
Black Pyro
Purple Pyro

All converted by [RIP]Fusion. Models made by Tantrum, Outrage, Volition, Interplay, Digital Anvil and Microsoft.

The Quest Finder ship was textured by Bobby and tweaked by DwnUndr and Fusion. This special ship is the prize for completing the 2.25 Quest.

Ships added for the 2.26 release:

The Gatekeeper provided new textures for "Jaws". Tweaked by Fusion. This special ship is the prize for completing the 2.26 Quest.
[X]T-Bag-Jones purchased a ship from TurboSquid. Imported by Fusion. Named the Marauder, it is pirate-only

Ships added for the 2.28 release:

Galactica MK7, provided by [Dx]Red_Phoenix. Wireframe by Mark Davies. Adapted by [RIP]Fusion
Brutix, provided by [Aesir]Arch. Created by his girlfriend Chessa. Texture and HP by Darkblade

The following were created by [RIP]John_Carter and imported by [RIP]Fusion:

New Faction-only Heavy Fighters:
Asp - Merchant
Fist - Necromonger
Tempest - Elemental
Blade - Furyan
Hatchet - Rykengoll

New Faction-only Battleships:
Cobra - Merchant
Dragoon - Necromonger
Wildfire - Elemental
Sythe - Furyan
Pike - Rykengoll

Besides the wonderful additions by Aldebaran, we also used custom stations provided for free from:
And, of course, the entire RIP Team! We have 26 of our members playing Freelancer and everyone pitched in to help with this mod as beta testers and more.

DwnUndr, our 2007-2008 RIP leader, 2008-2010 RIP Mega, main modder, ~Purifier~Lynch
Soupman, our 2006-2007 RIP leader (Blackshark), load screen, custom sounds, custom station logos, website creation (Freelancer Community and UnderVerse) and head admin on both, custom voices (over 5.000 of them!), finished up the Clan Editor settings, final DRH cash tally, formatting and posting the Interactive Map made by Bobby, daily rep edits, the list goes on... ~Purifier~Soupman
Demon, our 2006-2007 RIP (Mega), server admin help
Rob2, our 2007-2009 Freelancer Division Commander, the calm voice when things got loud, custom commodities, destructable base system layout, 3db icon builder for ships and commodities, commodity descriptions, commodity layouts and infocards, infocard bug hunting. Nineteen new 3dbs for 2.25
Wyno, our first and third Freelancer Deputy Commander and our 2009-2010 Freelancer Division Commander, weapon mods, theme originator, ships, thrusters, shields, armor, placement of all of these throughout the UnderVerse. Infocards for all of the above. Edited out all vanilla references from the infocards. Plankowner ship balancing. Lootdrops. Capitol ship tweaks. Hardpoints
Wardog/Alphadog, font adjustments, Wardog's Armory logo, system clouds and asteroid fields on the west side, some field names, black holes, asteroid fields on the east side, coloring our three quest keys, finding and testing the chat lines and character lines.
Krash, story master, second load screen icon, UnderVerse Football Tourney coordinator, Commodity descriptions for the infocards
Hydra, forum and server Master! UVbeta1 and UVBeta2 host
Deicide, our second Freelancer Deputy Commander, ship pack researcher, permission getter
Fusion, custom ship hardpointing, voice script for M344/G, custom billboards, Aldebarens station turret hardpointing, custom station conversions (sizing, cmp and sur). He ran everything through FLModelTool to get rid of the glitches. He made the 3db icons for the 2.28 version.
Princess Dia, voice scripts for the Origin and Road to Glory North, admin event help, base descriptions
Robert, Zerg system names, 3db icon builder for ships and commodities
Machete Bug, base descriptions, voice script for 'Fame or Shame', many pieces of custom music, UnderVerse logo on the loadscreen
One, for always voting NO!
Shark, server host, system layouts, sounds, system clouds and asteroid fields on the east side.
FD-13, custom voices for our systems, factions, commodities and planets/bases
Gallows, our 2009-2010 Freelancer Division Deputy Commander, lots of the custom music, conversion of custom sounds and voices, voice scripts for all Faction entrances
Foil, intro animations (thn). Truely cool stuff bro! Voice script for the Mosh Pit, Alpha Test 4, 5, 6, 7 host. Also for decoding some final xml coloring for the quests (with more thanks to adoxa as well). Beta host for 2.25
Public Enemy1, bought us a ship to use
d3jake, custom stations, DRH [ADMIN]Rod_Tendo, dealer names, help with the ranking hex edit
Swiss Chz
Riot, initial load screen, alphatest1 host, bought us custom ships and custom stations. He also made all of the custom planet skins! Thanks for the donations bro!
StormFury, custom ships
Starbuck, voice scripts for both Chats, Road to Glory South, NPC Challenges, Feudal Wars
Grendel for editing to increase the scanner range to 15k and player money limit to $2bil. He also applied the discoveries by Fox_Unit_01 for extending the range of the wish-well message and the discoveries by m0tah for applying custom house names to each system as well as increasing the size of the waypoints. Also adding the discovery by M0tah to fix missile damage to the cmp. Great work Grendel!
Boom for beta testing our ships for the second release
Oddjob for putting our rules into a nice format. Three versions so far! He also made a fun quest of sorts with audio clips for 2.26

Rest in Peace to our sleeping brothers:
Phenomena... 1956 - 2007. We miss your laugh bro and know you are playing alongside us. You were always there when we needed a server or an assist. We will always be here for you. May you have fair winds and following seas. Our hearts go out to his brothers Riot, Wardog and Meatball, his nephew KrazyDawg and his son Bigman. Phenomena now commands a Battleship orbiting the RIP Homeworld where he will maintain eternal vigilance for us.
Wyno... 1967 - 2010. Another RIP gone before his time. Wyno created all of the ship ini files and created all of the ship infocards for the UnderVerse. He also was the theme originator and made all of the thrusters, shields, armor and placement of all of these throughout the UnderVerse. He edited out all vanilla references from the infocards. He helped with the npc ship Lootdrops. He did all of the Capitol ship tweaks. He edited or created most of the Hardpoints for the ships. And he kicked ass in his Leviathan!
Lion... ? - 2011. Co-founder of Team RIP. Mark Smith (Lion) and Mark Hale (Shark) co-founded Team RIP in February of 2000. From this small start we have accumulated 144 members over the years. Some of these members 'got' the purpose of Team RIP, and some did not. Lion created most of the first 30 or 40 RIP members' pilot pictures, he created our first website on his home network for us to use for years and he created some of the cool textures we use in the Gauntlet level today. Even though he stopped playing many years ago there are many of us who remember his contributions fondly. Thanks bro.
Gallows... ? - 2012. The music that he did for the UnderVerse is still commented on today. His "Welcome to the UnderVerse" is the first thing everyone hears when they start the mod up. The voices he created for the Origin wormholes that tell what each faction is will stay in peoples minds forever.


Custom Music/Voices by Gallows:

See you on the Flipside (Song for Wyno)

Custom Voices:

Chat systems, Starbuck
Feudal Wars, Starbuck
NPC Challenge, Starbuck
RTG South, Starbuck
Fame or Shame, Machete BUg
Mosh Pit, Foil
Pitchwarning, Fusion
RTG North, Princess Dia
Welcomevoice, Princess Dia

Custom Music by Machete_Bug:

Mercy of the Wind
Nylon Oxygen
St. Angela Mericis Boogie
Urban FLow
The Sun and Open Sea
MapleLeafRag (Scott Joplin)
MapleLeafRag-Circus (Scott Joplin)

Written and performed by Bob Lacivita, George Wabisca, Robert Greffey, and Dan Hiland.

Baroque It Down (BWV552b "St. Annes Fugue" in Eb major)
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Organ Sequencing by Dean & Alicia Lampe
Produced by [RIP]Machete_Bug

written and composed by Robert B. Porter (Fathom)

In Harm's Way

Descent Mercenary - Resignation (Mars), by Jerry Berlongieri

***All Music contained within the RIPTEAM Underverse mod is protected by copyright as outlined in the Intellectual Property Protection and Courts Amendments Act of 2004 (P.L. 108-482) signed Dec. 23, 2004 specifically outlined in Title 17 of the United States Code, Chapter 11, sections 502 through 505:

Chapter 11
Sound Recordings and Music Videos
1101. Unauthorized fixation and trafficking in sound recordings and music videos
§ 1101. Unauthorized fixation and trafficking in sound recordings and music videos
(a) Unauthorized Acts. - Anyone who, without the consent of the performer or performers involved -
(1) fixes the sounds or sounds and images of a live musical performance in a copy or phonorecord, or reproduces copies or phonorecords of such a performance from an unauthorized fixation,
(2) transmits or otherwise communicates to the public the sounds or sounds and images of a live musical performance, or
(3) distributes or offers to distribute, sells or offers to sell, rents or offers to rent, or traffics in any copy or phonorecord fixed as described in paragraph (1), regardless of whether the fixations occurred in the United States,
shall be subject to the remedies provided in sections 502 through 505, to the same extent as an infringer of copyright.
(b) Definition. - As used in this section, the term "traffic in" means transport, transfer, or otherwise dispose of, to another, as consideration for anything of value, or make or obtain control of with intent to transport, transfer, or dispose of.
(c) Applicability. - This section shall apply to any act or acts that occur on or after the date of the enactment of the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.
(d) State Law Not Preempted. - Nothing in this section may be construed to annul or limit any rights or remedies under the common law or statutes of any State.
Chapter 11 Endnote
1In 1994, the Uruguay Round Agreements Act added chapter 11, entitled "Sound Recordings and Music Videos," to title 17. Pub. L. No. 103-465, 108 Stat. 4809, 4974.
All clips and soundbytes of "Pitch Black" included in the RIPTEAM Underverse Freelancer Mod remains the sole property of Universal Studios. Any use within the RIPTEAM Underverse Mod is for non-profit, educational purposes only and is protected by the federal fair use copyright laws:
107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use38
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include —
(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;
(3) the amount and substantially of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.
All trade, use, or presentation outside of the products intended application is strictly forbidden unless specific and direct permission from GalloGlas Industries or RIPTEAM is granted, in writing, prior to intended use.
Installation or use of the RIPTEAM UnderVerse mod dictates agreement to the terms and statements above.
Any violation of the above constitutes a violation of federal law and will be prosecuted to the furthest extend allowed.***
All remixes are compilations of loops that remain property of FLA, Sonic Foundry, Nettwerk Records and Sony Records Inc. All loops and samples are presented within the rules and agreements by the original authors and contest participants and adhere to all copyright laws and the Freedom of Information Act. No monetary gain is expected, required, or received for use of remixed material and all correspondence should be referred to Sony Records Inc. C/O Legacy Recordings and Nettwerk Records.
Intro movie images from Pitch Black remain the right of writer David Twohy and Universal Studios


© 2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Digital Anvil, DirectX, Freelancer, the Microsoft logo, the Microsoft Games Studio logo, the .Net logo, Windows, and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
© 2004-2006 Universal Studios. All rights to the Riddick movies and logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Universal Studios. Visit them at .
The Chronicles of Riddick is written and directed by David Twohy.
Buy the movie at
Buy the trilogy at your local Target or other superstore.
© 1998 Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft is a trademark and Blizzard Enterainment is a registered trademark of Davidson and Associates, Inc.
And for goodness sake, buy Freelancer! It is only $20. We will not offer technical help to anyone having problems with the game or the mod who doesn't own a legitimate copy!

Freelancer was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from GAMENAME, © Microsoft Corporation.


Check out the Freelancer Community website!
Thanks to the following for contributions to this site: Soupman, Shark, Grim Reaper, Riot, DwnUndr

Version history:

12.3 Ninth release, 12/25/2017 636mb
2.29 Eighth release, 4/26/2014 489mb
2.28 Seventh release, 4/18/2013 480mb
2.27 Sixth release, 4/15/2012 366mb
2.26 Fifth release, 12/25/2011 355mb
2.25 Fourth release, 12/25/2010 341mb
2.24 Third release, 12/24/2009 294mb
2.23 Second release, 06/21/2009 260mb
2.22 First release, 04/23/2009 259mb
2.232 Beta Test 6, 03/20/2009 256mb
2.231 Beta Test 5, 03/06/2009 211mb
2.230 Beta Test 4, 02/16/2009 197mb
2.229 Beta Test 3, 01/20/2009 170mb
2.228 Beta Test 2, 01/05/2009 153mb
2.227 Beta Test 1, 11/15/2008 124mb
2.226 Alpha Test 7, 3/29/2008 83mb
2.225 Alpha Test 6, 2/17/2008 84mb
2.224 Alpha Test 5, 11/27/2007 63mb
2.223 Alpha Test 4, 10/21/2007 50mb
2.222 Alpha Test 3, 7/29/2007 49mb
2.221 Alpha Test 2, 1/16/2007 19mb
2.220 Alpha Test 1, 12/24/2006 6mb

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Great work UV team, that is the most comprehensive credits I've seen for any mod!

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Thanks! It has been a fun ride. The wealth of knowledge out there is amazing. The scope of modding freelancer is so large that there is really no way to provide 'one' tutorial for it, heh.

I always give credit where it is due.


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Finally updated for 12.3 bad

Hey You! Check out The UnderVerse Mod by Team RIP

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