BSG-Exodus Freelancer Mod
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Author:  Soupman [ Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  BSG-Exodus Freelancer Mod

[align=center]The mod has been released on March 5[/align]

[align=center]BSG-Exodus Website[/align]

Mod Features:
Fly about 70 New Ships (inclusive Battlestars) from Battlestar
Galactica & expanded Battlestar Galactica Universe!

English and german version.
Multiplayer only.

28 Custom Systems: The Twelve Colonies of Kobol, Cylon Space and
unknown Worlds.

Unique Combat System: Fast fights, No Shields and No Reloads. Fight
like Apollo, Starbuck and Scar
in the Series!

A big trade System with many different routes.

Mining Systems: Special Mining Ships and Mining Lasers.

Dynamic Start: Choose between four different start ships & loadouts.
Either begin as a trader or as a fighter.

RP-Pvp/PvE Server.
New Starspheres.
New main menu Style.
Some fine adjustments in the Interface.
Giant Stations: There are all stations from the Series and some custom

Wrecks: Discover and explore unknown worlds and find old and abandoned ships. Some of them
could still contain some things worthy to find...

Music: The original music from the Battlestar Galactica Series in
every system.

Ships from the Series flying around on the surface of every planet.
Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Up and down strafe.
Advanced Graphics: High detailed ships & textures.
Intro Movie: A completely new Intro Movie based on scenes from the
Battlestar Galactica Series.

Clan Bases/Flagships for active Clans.
Races & PvP Tournaments hold on a regular Base.
Teamspeak Server available after Mod release.

Greetings, Aigle

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