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 Post subject: Freelancer Stattered Worlds
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:07 pm 

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[align=center]Shattered Worlds :: War-Torn!

SW:WT is something different in the world of MP Freelancer. Truly unique and original in concept, we have brought together Modders from over 6 different communities to create what we believe is the most talented Development Team on any Server.

SW:WT is a ‘Role Play’ driven ‘Player Vs Player’ server. Taking the best of RP elements and combing them with truly enjoyable PVP surroundings we are sure you will enjoy every minute you spend on our server and forums.

Don’t believe us? Need more proof? Keep reading….[/align]


[align=center]Features of Shattered Worlds :: War-Torn!

There are just too many unique and exciting features to list…. Don’t believe us? Well check out the following to see for yourself.

On top of this, we have the following currently in development;

  • Approximately 30 new ship models of various classes are currently in work and will be implemented shortly
  • Faction specific equipment designed by players factions. All faction items are balanced to fit within the existing balance scheme.
  • 3 Capital Ship classes and a new Capital Ship balance scheme currently in work
  • Starter System with a unique and realistic rep management system
  • Capship Encounters
  • Take Missions against Capships
  • New Planet textures for all planets ingame

Ok, so you have read this much… still interested? How about some Video Action to wet your appetite?

Shattered Worlds :: War-Torn YouTube Channel

Or maybe some Screenshots to drool over? Well check these out![/align]


[align=center]Maybe a little story telling will get you fired up? If so Storyline of the Shattered Worlds Mod: The Backstory

It’s time to log in and enjoy what SW:WT has to offer. For a quick guide on connecting and enjoying SW:WT please use our;
Getting Started: Everything you need to know to get on the server.

If you are a new player or an old player tired of normal Freelancer mods, Shattered Worlds has something for you. Come, try it for yourself. When you undock, you will see the next evolution of Freelancer!


The Shattered Worlds Community.[/align]

Still not convinced? Even after all that? Well my friends, keep reading for various comments and feedback our Mod and Community have received.

"This mod is really fun, I like the mining that has been added to the game, and how balanced it is!" xXkillaXx

"With the vets I've played along side and the newbies getting into it because of the mod, it is truly an amazing community and product. If you're looking for a mod that is simply amazing, I really recommend this mod. It's simply the best out there." Robert Merlow

"I'm a veteran of Freelancer. I've owned the game since it came out and sampled every major mod to be released. Shattered Worlds is in my opinion a triumph. Excellent balancing and ship additions make for a more varied scenery in combat, and the mining system is by far the best I've ever encountered. While adding a great many things to Freelancer, there's still a very strong presence of the original game which provides an excellent blend of the old and the new." Tio_Holtzmann


Loads more can be found at on our page.

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Original Post updated with pics


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Looks Great.... :D

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