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 Post subject: Shattered Galaxies (Community Driven Game)
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:33 pm 

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[align=center]Shattered Galaxies[/align]
[align=center]Freelancer Inspired Community Project[/align]

[align=center]What Is Shattered Galaxy?[/align]

Shattered Galaxy is a First Person Shooter/Space Simulation Game Project being developed on the Torque Advanced Game Engine Developed by Garage Games. Shattered Galaxy, once complete, will be free to download and play.

[align=center]Game Engine Information[/align]

Game Engine: Torque Game Engine Advanced Version 1.8.1
Developer: Garage Games, Inc.

Core Engine Features:

oss Platform, Dual Graphics API
Torque products are built on a common architecture, but optimized per platform. TGEA supports a wider range of platforms than any other modern game engine technology. Build for Mac / PC / Wii / Xbox / iPhone / Web all from the same project.

Mission Editor
TGEA's Mission Editor provides an entire suite of WYSIWYG tools for designing and editing a game or simulated environment. The Mission Editor is fully integrated with the Torque runtime and provides full access to all Torque subsystems allowing for:

Object placement and manipulation
Property inspection and editing
Light instancing, placement, and manipulation
Seamlessly connected indoor and outdoor scenes
Asset importation
Sound and video
Performance profiling
No compile time
Flexible LOD system
Terrain editing
Vast terrains

Torque's flexible, powerful rendering is as well suited to photorealistic simulation as to achieving a custom, original-looking style. All modern features are supported by the Torque renderer:

Per-pixel dynamic lighting
Normal & parallax occlusion mapping
Various models of shading
Volumetric fog and light
Powerful particle systems: fire, smoke, explosions
Extensible set of shaders (GLSL / HLSL)
CustomMaterials system with support for parameter's hierarchy
Post processing:
-Color Correction

Torque's graphics API includes implementations for all types of hardware and operating systems. TGEA's DirectX implementation features graceful fallbacks all the way to DirectX 8 for support on older PCs. Together with the OpenGL implementation, Torque will perform on more than 96% of all gamer hardware.

TGEA's Terrain system is integrated with the runtime with complete editing support from the Mission Editor. Sculpt terrains interactively using these tools or import height fields generated in other applications. Texturing, painting (including support for materials), and decal tools enable the construction of photoreal environments.

Asset Pipeline
TGEA provides support for all major 3rd party art tools including 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, Blender, and Lightwave.

Using minimal bandwidth, Torque supports fast-paced, latency sensitive multiplayer racing games with vehicle collision and FPS games with fast projectiles and collisions up to 256 players per server. For less latency sensitive simulations like MMORPGs, virtual worlds, etc., Torque can support 1000+ players per server.

Torquescript is a fast, easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties all the various elements of a project together. It supports a large complement of functions including math, object manipulation, fileIO, and more. Torquescript allows for compiling on-demand for runtime execution with the integrated script compiler. Torquescript features:

Object-oriented programming
Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects
Built-in fast 3D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions)
Well-documented standard library (thousands of functions out-of-the box)

TGEA uses the OpenAL sound library by default and supports a wide range of features. These include:
2D Sound, 3D Sound, Streaming Sound
SFX/Music driver
3D sound support for panning, volume, Doppler, cones
Multi-channel prioritized SFX manager
Built-in Theora video codec playback
TGEA also has a C++ Sound API with sample integrations for world class 3rd party sound libraries like FMOD.


Additional Features We Have added:

-Ambient Occlusion
-Independent Cloud/Nebula System with support for multiple layering of different types, IE; mix and match: procedural: Jahn, Rendall, Peterson, or Basic and texture based layers.
-Custom Vehicle Classes
-More Advanced AI
-Energy Projectile Class
-Sq Lite with UAC for single player and multi player account management (Including Awards and Scoring)
-Procedurally generated stars (currently being worked on for performance improvements)
-Multiple new object types not supported out of box
-Heavily modified flight physics (with more improvements being added)

More features are planned for addition into the engine.

[align=center]First Look![/align]

The First Developer Test Video has been uploaded onto YouTube. The video shows the basic space flight and the dev progress on the first ground facility that is being created.

Roland Dynamics YouTube Channel:

NOTE: Keep in mind, the framerate is low because frap's doesn't know how to handle the new engine, originally there was a 120 fps when playing, but capturing it seemed a problem with fraps.

[align=center]Join Us![/align]

If you feel you can contribute to the game in anyway, please visit us at and introduce yourself and what you have to offer, it is a open project so all is able to contribute to the game.

Please Visit <a>Shattered Galaxies</a> for a community project game that will be heavily inspired by freelancer, if any can help then please visit us! You are more than welcome!

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 Post Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:20 pm 

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Darn, Repz beat me to it.

one other thing to note here, We are aware that 'Shattered Galaxy' as a game name is already taken. So at this point in time 'Shattered Galaxy' is a working title.

As for it being the final game name, probably not. We will avoid any legal hassles at all possible.

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Sounds Fun.. :D

Hey You! Check out The UnderVerse Mod by Team RIP

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