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 Post subject: Crossfire 1.82 released
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:07 pm 

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Crossfire: The Inner Core Version 1.82

Crossfire in its newest version 1.82 will include many bug fixes that are related to the single player campaign as well as the multiplayer game. You might consider Crossfire the biggest modding project related to all other Freelancer Mods currently outside. Hence you can be sure that it improves graphics, AI and offers an advanced logical extension of the original story and with that a huge compilation of new systems, new alien races to fight, a lot of new ships, hidden data, wrecks, a lot of new guns, ships. Especially for the multiplayer part new quests have been added that are very close to the original story. Dom Kavashs as well as other Dom Alien races, the Ancients are introduced into the mod.

Just to spill a figure. There are an overall of 328 bases in 149 systems . It is in your choice in which of the countless ships you can enjoy the Mod. As you might recognize there is a lot more that this Mod has to offer.

The above described is just an overview of the new mod. There were hundreds of other smaller and bigger changes. The most important changes were made in effort to increase the server integrity. The bugs have been reduced to a minimum, server crashes are reduced heavily, in-game vulnerabilities have been removed - with that a more fairly and friendly game play has been made available.

Crossfire is on one side a PvP server and on the other side there is much effort to enrol the RP more clearly so PvPs can be integrated into nearly every situation on Crossfire. You can decide to sneak into one of the 4 public role-plays or you just decide to remain a freelancer – it is finally your decision. There are various established Clans to join who enforce the role play and make the game more attractive - just because you are not only enforced to trade - you eventually have to escape from coppers from your smuggling tours or even evade pirates who are greedy after your money. And if that all is not enough for you there is also a side role play where the Alliance Star Fleet fights against the Confederated Strike Force what is considered a political conflict.

To summarize: Crossfire expands the original game in an enormous way. A lot of new add-ons, huge and new systems, improved star spheres, flyable battleships and huge trains, a dynamical universe that changes trade routes and equipment on a daily basis, a downloadable content system, regular events spread over the entire week, widescreen support and so many more things.

So don’t hesitate any longer - give it a try now.
[I would have included some images here but I fail to pass the site restrictions regarding html and dynamic links; tons of images can be found at the links below]

The Crossfire Mod can be downloaded either or

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