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 Post subject: Adding voices, the phases
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:58 am 
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While it is still fresh in my mind, I figured I would jot down the various phases of what it takes to add voices to a mod. Soupman can probably add his part too.

Phase 1: Tearing apart the vanilla files and figuring out where everything goes and how it all works. You can find most of this information in various tutorials I have already posted here. The master lists I will post after the UnderVerse is released since I am still busy finishing this.

Phase 2: Building text files for Soupman listing the appropriate phrases with new entries for the UnderVerse complete with the new wav names.

Phase 3: (Soupman) Creating the voices, chopping the silence, converting to the right format and adding the correct volume. Then naming them appropriately.

Phase 4: After receiving Soupmans files I would unzip them to a folder, add a 'working' folder to it and copy them all to it. This would preserve his files and give me a place to make alterations if necessary. For instance I might find a few that still needed extra volume, or he would miss a few and I would ask him to add them. After creating about 3,160 files I only needed about a dozen changed. Dang nice work Soupman!! Next I would open my text file I gave him and use Sound Recorder to play each one. Then I would record the duration number into my file. Once I had gone through them all I was ready for the next phase.

Phase 5: I would build a new list of entries for each voice that goes into the appropriate voice ini. Then I would transpose the new durations to it. Some of these overwrote vanilla entries, most added new ones. Adding these new entries into the mod completed this phase.

Phase 6: Adding the voices. This involves opening the appropriate utf file. New voices get added, old phrases get overwritten. Attention to detail is very important here.

Estimated total time (8 hours per night for two people) to add two pilots, a new mission commission and one docking character...about 3 months.

I hope everyone appreciates the results! Future work could include real people making the voices. I could even make a certain voice for a certain region. For instance the Rykengolls could have a Klingon type voice. The Necromongers another. It is all in how you apply it.

This isn't the whole story, I don't have time to write all down at the moment. If you have questions just ask.


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