Dock with one base, undock at another
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Author:  DwnUndr [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Dock with one base, undock at another

This has been an age old question that never had a written response (that worked).

In the upcoming v12.3 of the UnderVerse I had this need. I spent too much time experimenting to find the solution.
Changing the dock_with line in the system.ini simply led to a player crash.
Trying the alter the destination in the base files had no result.
I was resigned to changing it to a wormhole but finally found a clue on Lancers Reactor. I did not capture the posters name, sorry. Here is the post:

WTS-World Version 1.3 in game screenshots and feedback
so here goes.

If you dock with the Perth Roid Miner near Perth Staion in the Edinburgh System. It is just black inside with the launch to space button only. You click on this to launch and you are launched back into space but outside the Roid Miner 5 in the Tau 31 System near Planet Harris.
This mod obviously had made all of the Miners dockable. There was no answer to his observation, he was ignored. I traced the files:

nickname = Br06_Perth_Roid_Miner
ids_name = 60225
pos = 20026, -148, 9739
rotate = 0, -70, 0
archetype = Roid_Miner2
reputation = co_ti_grp
base = co_ti_water_miner
dock_with = co_ti_water_miner
difficulty_level = 6
loadout = mining_co_01
pilot = pilot_solar_easiest
behavior = NOTHING

(This is Sigma 17)

in universe.ini:

nickname = co_ti_water_miner
system = Bw10
strid_name = 60225
file = Universe\Systems\miners\co_ti_water_miner.ini

(This is Tau-31 !!!)

In universe/systems/miners:


nickname = co_ti_water_miner
start_room = Deck

nickname = Deck
file = Universe\Systems\Li05\Bases\Rooms\Li05_01_Deck.ini

The deck is the dummy deck from Alaska, used many times by DA for non-dockable locations.
I have NOT tested if it actually works across systems without crashing as I was only interested in in-system docking.

But it works!

I can dock with one base and undock at another flawlessly, no crashing in multiplayer.
For the return trip I made some virtual bases (since the above only works in one direction).
You could even use this for an Easter Egg shortcut for those players that find it.

Author:  DwnUndr [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dock with one base, undock at another

Oh, be sure to place to destination base first in your system.ini file, followed by the docked-at base or it won't work. Freelancer reads top to bottom.

Author:  Soupman [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dock with one base, undock at another


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